Tuesday, May 3, 2016

30th Birthday Diaries: Feeling Older Shoe Haul

Hello there!

It is my birthday month and this month, I am turning the big dirty 30, flirty 30, thirsty 30 - whatever you would like to call it.

As it comes, I embrace it...but I think subconsciously I am freaking out.

1. Going [dirty] blonde
Why?? I think it is just a phase because this thought only came in early April and it's starting to exit my brain. A good friend of mine told me that when she turned 30 a few years ago, she dyed her red in a "30 life crisis" moment. I think I am starting to understand. Haha.

This is what I'm thinking:

But this is what I don't want - having half natural color and half salon color as it grows out. I am not high maintenance when it comes to my hair. I've only dyed the bottom layers of my hair so that when roots grow out, no one can see. I'm too lazy and can't afford constant touch ups and special maintaining shampoos. And then I wonder, do I have to lighten my eyebrows?! So much work. Decisions, decisions.

2. My first white hair
My friend pointed it out on 4/24/16. At that moment, it did not phase me. She told me I should cut it off because it's really noticeable as I have a white hair very distinguishable from my jet black hair. I was fine with it. Hours later at home, I freaked out and went to the bathroom and cut that sucker off. Dang. It's happening.

3. Old lady feet
When I was younger, my mom would tell me that as you get older, your feet do not like flat shoes anymore. Shoes have to be soft with a meaty sole for support. I thought she was just making silly talk, but dang! She was right. In the past year, my feet has not been liking those ballet flats. Oh no, oh no. Especially since I work in a hospital, I am on my feet for a long time, walking around or standing, sometimes 3 - 4 hours at a time. And oh my word, my feet hate me after all that. 
I decided to bite the bullet and go on a mini spree to buy shoes that would provide comfort. I call them, and please don't take offense, "old lady shoes." Shoes with a chunky sole. 
Here's what I purchase:
Modellista Miranda Ballet Flats

Andrew Geller Wilmot Wedge Pumps

a.n.a. Sicily Ballet Flats

I purchased them all from JC Penny and all were on sale. I've worn all three and the first two are so comfortable!! It's like walking on pillows!! Why did I wait so long to choose comfort instead of enduring pain?
The nude pair is comfortable at the heel. The picture does not capture the true cushion at the heel, but there is a nice little pillow. The toe area is a little more flat.

My purchases look boring as they are just simple black and nude, but honestly, black and nude go with everything.
My current flats are trendy, colorful with shimmery stones at the toes. They are cute, but not always practical and sometimes difficult to match.

Here's to being a grown up with foot pain, white hair, and to professionalism and no twinkle toes.

Cheers to my upcoming 30!



  1. I have the same problem as you! I wanted to try blond whole hair but I don't want it grow half blond and half black when my hair is longer! >.< The shoes looks comfy! Can't wait to know how you celebrate your big day!

  2. i'm enjoying your bday series and i feel you with the old lady shoes. haha. i just bought a pair of shoes with really comfy soles. felt so good but looks err, idk, on feet 😂 but you dont look 30 at all so yey!!! belated happy bday 😁