Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lipstick Haul: LAC + Lip Tattoo + Swatches

Happy Tuesday everyone!

While shopping for my birthday outfit at Love Culture, I stumbled by the makeup section right by the register. Strategically smart placement I must say.

I saw LA Colors lipsticks and the Lip Tattoo craze that has been spreading like wild fire on YouTube. For $2/piece, I thought I'd give it a go...isn't that how we always justify our purchases?? LOL


I am sorry I do not know the color of this. I tried looking for it all over the packaging but found nothing. From the tube, the color looks like it's going to be a nice nude mauve. I thought this was going to be my every day go to. 
The pictures of my lips do not capture the salmon/peach undertones of the color as it does on the arm swatch. It reminds me of Wet N Wild's Bare It All but a lot more peach.
This lipstick is matte and it definitely goes on matte. It was dry and dragged my lips during application. Not a fun time. 

I was initially thought I picked up all matte colors from LAC and when I saw that this was a cream finish, I was a little bummed. However, this turned out to be my favorite of the bunch. This color is what I would consider a light plum. Since it was a cream, I did have to layer the swatch multiple times to get an opaque finish.
Because it was a cream lipstick, it did apply on very smoothly and was moisturizing.
This is something I would be able to wear to work without feeling like I am drawing attention to myself - something to note when working in a formal workplace where bold lipstick is not typically the norm.

This color is definitely a darker berry. I tend to gravitate towards these colors which leads me to having multiple colors of the same thing just in different brands. 
The color is comparable to Wet N Wild's Sugar Plum Fairy, NYX's Aria, and MAC's rebel. 
The formula is matte and also went on really dry on the lips, drier than the first salmon peach one. This was my least favorite because it applied really patchy no matter how hard I tried to fix it. The more I fixed it, the more patchy and uneven it became. I ended up blotting onto a napkin which helped even it out a bit.

I was really excited when I came across the product at Love Culture. I choose the one of the darkest colors because I figured the color payoff would be greater than a lighter color. I've seen peach and pink colors demonstrated on YouTube that only added a slight tint. 
I was pretty surprised with how pigmented and bright this tint was. I was not expecting a bright lip and probably would have preferred a more muted plum. Unlike the YouTube videos I''ve seen, this product did not taste bad. It did get on my teeth but I tasted nothing. It smells really good too, like grape candy.
After I peeled off the product, my lips felt really dry and so I applied Vaseline. I worried that the Vaseline would wipe off some of the product, but it didn't. 
The stain lasted for a good while. It did get blotchy after dinner. I had a steak dinner that night celebrating my boyfriend's birthday which took off some of the product. It did look strange as the center of my lower lip was pretty much gone in patches. There would be no easy way to touch up this product in public. This seems more like a product for fun or maybe just a quick trip out where you don't eat. LOL. Other than that, it was pretty cool and I would use it again. I would just have another lipstick to use for when it starts to fade.

Far right: Wet swatch, just applied

Top: Product is dry

Far right: Stained

Even my fingers were stained

Top: Stain as is
Bottom: Vaseline over stain

With fierce makeup wipe removing

Then using a makeup remover with fierce rubbing action

Difficult to remove stain from finger

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I have not done a lip swatch post in a long time. I forgot how fun (and time consuming, LOL) it is. I enjoyed it nonetheless :)


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