Thursday, May 19, 2016

30th Birthday Diaries: Birthday Preview + Celebrity Sighting

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today is 5/19! The countdown has already begun for my 30th birthday on 5/23!! Dun dun dun!!

In the past few years, I've been slacking on the preparation department for birthdays - buying gifts, buying cards, buying outfits.This year was no different.

But it should have been! It's the big 3 - O ! The big dirty thirty, thirsty thirty, flirty thirty and thriving!

I started shopping for my birthday dress the week before my birthday party on 5/21. I know, it's awful.

Some people may be opposed to this but I was going for the Kim K inspired look.

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian but the woman is beautiful when she's all dolled up and she can dress well too! I love her style. It's elegant, sophisticated, conservative, classy, yet sexy. 

I wanted that to be my attire theme for my 30th birthday so I was on the hunt for it. Now, I know I don't have her body, but still. I wanted to fell elegant, sophisticated, classy, yet sexy all in one! If I'm feeling it, that's all that matters!

Here's a day in the life of my crazy shopping day...a little preview of the "big" day:

Nordstrom Rack
At first, I was having no success in finding a Kim K dress. Who knew it was so hard to find? I begun to settle on this dress, but changed my mind. Then I decided to give it one more shot and cruise the mall again just in case I missed something.

Forever 21
This was the first dress I found that was in at least the same vicinity as a Kim K dress...maybe, kinda sorta? After searching far and wide of what was around me, this was my best bet. With a statement piece necklace and pumps, this dress can go from drab to fab. I also planned on wearing a long boho cardigan with it towards the end of the night. I love my boho vibes.

Love Culture
This was a more elegant dress than the Forever 21 one. It was just a bit too long which is an easy fix.

Love Culture
Then I found this dress!!! I don't have the curves that Kim K does, but I love the elegance of it. It's classic. Again, with a statement piece necklace and pumps, this dress would be so beautiful!

LA Colors and Lip Tattoo
While waiting in line, I came across these bad boys, only about $2/piece. I've been wanting to try the lip tattoo so I'm excited to come across it. I'll do a swatch post later on. 

After my shopping extravaganza, I went back to work. Around 3pm, I asked a colleague if she wanted to go with me get Starbucks. And so we did. As we were walking, we walked by Taraji Henson! I LOOOOOOOVE her. We passed by her twice. The second time, we were on the sidewalk. We were standing next to each other. When it was time to cross, we were right next to each. She almost tripped stepping down and shrieked. I shrieked with her because I'm jumpy like that. LOL.

This isn't the best photo, but we didn't want to be totally creepy. And I must say, I LOVE her outfit.
And yes, my colleague and I did have to go that way. LOL.

It's almost my birthday! My 30th birthday!!! 



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