Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nails of the Week: Almond + Leopard

Aloha everyone!

I hope this post finds you well! I hope that you're happy, healthy, and doing mighty mighty fine!

I wanted to share my nails of the week with you. 

I haven't done done my nails in a long time. I used to do almost weekly creative designs but I got busy. And then last summer and fall, I had events and celebratory moments that had me getting my nails done in the salon.

Recently, I've been into almond shaped nails. I've always gotten them shaped when I got my nails done for an extra $5 (*insert eye roll*) at the salon. Once the special occasions stopped, my nails went back to normal square.

I decided to grow them out and shape them myself. How hard could it be?? Not that hard until I made one nail too sharp and nail stabbed my chin. No worries though, the raised bump went away in like 2-3 days. LOL.

Since I shaped my nails, I decided to do something more than just a normal single color polish. I wanted a design and decided to go with something sassy - leopard print.

Excuse the little black nail polish smudge there. LOL. I just let it be. I let it wash away in the shower or when I wash my hands.

But check out my nails on day 9. They're clearly outgrown but barely a sign of chip. This top coat by China Glaze is now my holy grail. It's way more expensive than I would normally pay - $10 - for a nail polish. It really does last though. This is will now make my money vanish...HOWEVER, since my polish lasts longer, I won't need to use my top coat on a weekly basis like I was doing before. BOOM. WIN! Money saved?

Oh the way we justify our purchases. Oh my, oh my.


Til next time.