Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Haul: Mally Beauty + NYX Liners

Aloha everyone!

In the last few weeks I purchased a few pencil liners as I ran out of my purple and black liners. 

I don't really buy pencil liners as I am more of a liquid liner girl. The two pencil liners I had were from birthday freebies from Ulta or Sephora. 

I went to Ulta not knowing where to start. I was not sure which was good. The samples that I had were from Urban Decay which I loved but they were $22 each. NO THANK YOU!

I asked the beauty representative if there were any eyeliner sets that included a black and a fun color (hopefully purple). She led me to Mally Beauty where they had a trio set of eyeliners for $20, each individual piece costs $18. They were the Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Eyeliner Trio.

Colors left to right: Milk Chocolate, Sailor, Midnight
( photo credit : )

The set didn't have any purple which is an essential for my lower lash line when I do wear eye liner there. I found my way to the NYX Section searching for a vibrant purple. I found the NYX Slide On Eye Pencil in Pretty Violet.

Colors in different lighting:

From top to bottom: NYX Pretty Violet, MB Sailor, MB Milk Chocolate, MB Midnight)

From top to bottom: NYX Pretty Violet, MB Sailor, MB Midnight, MB Milk Chocolate)

From top to bottom: NYX Pretty Violet, MB Sailor, MB Milk Chocolate, MB Midnight)

As you can see, the blue doesn't look totally blue. It's more of a midnight blue almost black.  The purple is gorgeous, but the true stars are the black and brown, especially the brown. The lasting power of the Mally Beauty is amazing. It's practically water proof.

I wish the blue really showed up as a blue as I am sure it would be a beautiful color. Also, the lasting power of the Mally Beauty liners is so strong that I need 2-3 little cotton pads to take it off. I typically take off my make up with just face wash in the shower, but this does not totally come off in the shower. I need to cleanse my eyes before or after the shower. 

Overall, I am happy with my purchase. Although it's annoying to take an extra step to remove the Mally Beauty liners, I do love the lasting power.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season and happy shopping!


Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Sayings: A "Me" Day

Last week was a toughie for me. I was really stressed out and overwhelmed and people just seemed to irritate me. I was feeling as though I was giving so much to others and not receiving the same love in return.

I was also working on a state hospital job application that I was able to reapply to as I was deemed ineligible 3 months ago.My application was rejected in September. It is a high paying job that I am qualified for and it comes with great hours, flexibility, and of course BENEFITS both present and future. I need this job or something of the like. I didn't get my masters degree to get paid shit. Well, yes, I picked a mostly shitty paying career, but still. I am worth more. 

This weekend, I decided to just clock out and take a time out from obligation, family and friends. 

On Saturday, I decided to have a "Me" day. Just be on my own. At the end of the day, we make ourselves happy. We make ourselves successful. We make ourselves whatever we want. No one can do this for us but us.

So I took a day off to do what I want. And it was amazing.

At 12pm, I took a dance fusion class at the local YMCA. It was amazing. If you really knew me, gymming on a weekend is not what I do, or at least, not consistently. It was really thrilling and not as crowded as the weekday schedules. 

After my dance fusion class, I did some strength and conditioning to get my muscles nice and toned. Again, it was really nice because the gym was practically empty. Whatever machine I wanted to use was available whenever I wanted it.

And another amazing thing? When I started working out on the hip abductor, I started off at 70, now I am at 100!! YASSS!

I mailed in my application after my gym workout. How convenient that the post office is across the street. It was meant to be a good day!

I had a late brunch at this trendy [and expen$ive!! gah!] brunch spot at Go Get 'Em Tiger in the quaint little Larchmont Village. I grew up going there and have such fond memories. In many ways, it is my happy place.

I ordered the popular avocado toast, almond macadamia latte, and the Filipino style bacon. 

WAY TO REPRESENT!! So random too. Go Philippines! <3

I came home, rested, lit my delicious smelling Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake candle from Bath & Body works.There's something so soothing and de-stressing about a candle burning. Then I binged on Fuller House season 2 on Netflix.

This day was a reminder that we all need a day to ourselves, to be by ourselves, to honor ourselves and treat ourselves, to be happy and comfortable with ourselves. 

So please, when you're having a bad week, a bad day, or whatnot, owe to yourself to take a day off for yourself. 

It's the greatest feeling. It really really is.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Almond Shaped Nails

It finally happened and I am really excited and happy with them :D

I've been itching for almond shaped nails for some time now. I knew for sure I did not want to get acrylics or tips.

I grew out my nails and had my nail lady shape them and apply gel polish.

Color is Melody by DND. 



I can't stop staring.

There is just something about them that screams feminine and fierce at the same time. 


Thursday, November 10, 2016

TBT: Nails of the Week

Aloha everyone!

I wanted to do a quick throwback to a few weeks ago when I did my nails. I have not done a nail design on my nails in a really longtime as I spent the majority of 2016 studying for two board exams. It was so liberating and comforting. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know doing my nails is one of my biggest hobbies, passions and methods of self-care

These were my nails in early October in honor of fall. I only wore them for a few days because I ended up getting my nails done with girlfriends on a mini trip to Ventura.

The nails were inspired by the teal and black design in +cutepolish No Tool Nail Art: 5 Easy & Cute Designs. I shared the video below:

Hope you enjoyed <3


Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Sayings: HealthIER Living

( from Thea.Livewell on IG )

As you may know from a previous post, I am on this trek to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. 

I know I've for sure gained some weight when my fiance noticed. LOL. 

He did not notice when my hair went from this dark to...

...this light

In early October, a few friends and I drove up to Ventura to visit and surprise a friend who was just rediagnosed with ovarian cancer (a major f*ck you to cancer!). Of  course, we took pictures. When my fiance saw them, he said, "Hey, did you gain some weight?"

That was totally a reality check for me. I knew I had been gaining weight, but once my boo notices, then dang, it has gotten out of hand. 

I started my journey of losing weight. I started watching what I ate, but often fell off the bandwagon. I take Zumba classes about 3 - 5 days week. The difficult part was controlling what I ate when I got home from Zumba. I would eat double what I usually ate. I always felt shitty about myself afterwards. 

I attended a case management conference in early October where Dr. Mark Hyman presented. He was an amazing speaker and I must shamelessly admit, my new doctor crush. LOL <3 Before I entered his workshop, I texted a friend something along the lines of "Here I go. Another boring workshop. Daydreaming time." I was proven wrong.

The lecture turned out to be phenomenal. He was inspiring, motivating and so freaking hilarious. There was never a dull moment. 

From Dr. Hyman's talk, I took on a greater lesson. It is not just about losing weight. It's about being healthy all around, about being mindful of what we put into our bodies and knowing where our food comes from. I don't just want to look "good" but I also want to feel good and be healthy. 

Dr. Hyman recommended a documentary he worked on called "Fed Up." I was really happy to find it on Netflix so definitely get on it if you can. 

The film was really inspiring. It showed me how much bad stuff I put into my body including processed foods, sugar, and fat. "Reduced fat" means nothing really. It barely makes a change. And to alter food, it has to be processed. So an already processed food has to be reprocessed to be made healthier? It just does not sound right. He also talked about solutions to living healthier lives. Just being more conscious of what we put into our body is key. 

One of the greatest takeaways is when he said, "Junk is still junk even if it is less junky."

I would be lying to myself if I were to say I am never going to eat processed foods again. Xxtra Hot Cheetos are my winter weakness but they are soooo bad for you. I eat a bag about 2x/mo. How about I just have them 1x/mo? I can deal with that. Eating less cookies, less chips, less things that were not naturally made to be such. 

There was a woman in the film who said something along the lines of  "If there is a food with an expiration date that exceeds my lifetime then I know it can't be good for me." 

AHHH I just went on a long excited rant about health. 

I am really looking forward to healthier lifestyle. Just like everyone says, it's not about deprivation but moderation. Also, getting active.

I am so happy my coworkers and I are on the same train. Six of us with Fitbits have started a challenge to get healthier and fitter!

I have the Fitbit Charge 2 which I named "Fitty Wap" after Fetty Wap. LOL. I know. I'm a goon. 

( credit : )

So far, I am really digging it. The app allows me to track my water as well. Since it is a competition, it has motivated me to actually drink more water. I have met my water goal once. I know that does not seem like a lot, but I am the worst water drinker. A cup of coffee in the morning and water to take my meds at night. Zumba definitely helps me drink water.

ANYWAYS! I babbled throughout this whole post only because I am so excited about my life to come. Healthy living. Healthy me. Win win.

( credit : I can't remember. Sorry. Facebook? )


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

UCLA Homecoming 2016

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if I have mentioned this already, but October 1 was my last day at my second job. I worked every Saturday night in a hospital ER from 3:30pm - midnight. I did this every Saturday for one year with the exception of 3 Saturdays. 

In that year, I have missed so many events and opportunities for social events, birthdays, adventures and of course, relaxation.

After my last day, I felt like I emerged from social hibernation.

On October 22, I went to my alma mater's UCLA Homecoming game tailgate with friends. That day, UCLA played the Utah Utes. Unfortunately, we lost 52 to 45. But that's okay! I love love love my Bruins win or lose!

And you know what! I HAD THE BEST TIME! 

It felt so good to not have to worry about going to work.

Also, if anyone went to college where football was a big deal, you would understand the culture of tailgates, especially a homecoming game.

Kickoff was at 1pm. I was up at 4:20am to be able to leave my house at 5am to meet my friend by 6am to arrive at the Rosebowl Stadium by 7am. You think that's early? Well, there was a long looooong line ahead of us!

My friends and I had the best time sipping on mimosas, having burgers, and chips and cookies. This was definitely not a day to be watching what we eat!

I am so happy I work just one job now. I look forward to enjoying my life again.  I look forward to being less tired and making more memories outside work. 

I am still living on the adrenaline of that day that I wanted to share some pictures. And sorry they are awkwardly cropped. I wanted to respect my friends' choice to not be published online. 


I wish I took a picture of my eye makeup. Definitely had some blue liner in honor of my school colors.

Found some Filipino Bruins two tailgates away! 

Special thanks to my sorority sister Michelle for the invite! And for making sure I always had shade due to Lupus.

It was such a great day! Still living in the moment <3


Monday, October 31, 2016


( credit: found on pinterest )

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Look how cute that kitty is! I can't get over it.

Halloween is not my favorite holiday because I am super chicken and I don't like spooky scary things.

One of my most embarassingly memorable and funny Halloween moments is when I was in middle school. I was the one giving out candy. Throughout the years, I was somehow the person to always get stuck doing this. My parents were always nearby.

Someone rang the doorbell. Of course, I opened it. Behind the door was a tall guy with either a bloody Dracula costume or something else scary and bloody. I screamed. Shut the door and quit for the night. LOL. 

Though I still managed to get stuck giving candy year after year after this incident. LOL. WHY?!

I think the only time I was excited for Halloween was in 2013 when I attended a small Halloween party. Growing up, I was always Tinkerbell or a princess. Once a pirate because it was a hand-me-down costume from my sister. For the 2013 Halloween party, I was Minnie Mouse. I know, so original. LOL. Check out my costume here.

Whether you like Halloween or you don't, I hope you have a great day and a safe night cruising the streets for candy.

Be safe out there.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mini Ventura Road Trip

Why hello there beautiful people!

In early October, a few of my girlfriends and I went to visit a friend of ours in Ventura. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014 and the cancer came back this year after two years of remission. Her spirits have, understandably, been a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

My girlfriends and I had an idea to visit her. Three of us drove up together. The lady of the hour had no idea I was coming. I was the surprise. I waited at cafe table out on the street patio and when they walked by I had said, "Brenda, is that you?" Then were girly screams and shrieks of happiness. 

We ate some Thai food at Rice Thai cafe and got our nails done.  After that we had dessert and coffee at Palermo Cafe.

Done at All Star Nails salon in Ventura, CA

Spicy Thai beef salad :p

I had a pumpkin cobbler bar (far left) and a lavender mocha iced coffee

It was such a beautiful day from start to finish. I was living on the adrenaline for the whole week. My biggest joy was seeing how happy my friend was to see all of us. 

When you're going through a tough time, you can sometimes feel isolated. I am happy we were able to lift up her spirits. The smile on her face is something I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

Life is short everyone. Tell your loved ones you love them. And enjoy life. Overnight, life can change in an instant without any warning. 


Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Sayings: No Excuses

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people complain and do absolutely nothing about it. At the very least try. I have more empathy when you made attempts to change it than if you come to me time and time again complaining with no attempts for resolution.

My life philosophy is that if you want it bad enough, you'll do something about it. If you don't want to do something about it, then perhaps you don't want it bad enough. 

That's my quick rant of the day.

Now go and get it! Or at least try...


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Engagement Ring Selfie

A few weeks ago, a friend and i went to have brunch celebrating our engagements. She became engaged a few weeks after me on her 10th year anniversary with her boo thang. 

We were both so thrilled and excited about our engagements that we decided to have ring selfie photo shoot. Her college friend coincidentally sat at the table next to use and agreed to take some photos.

This is my most favorite one. My hand a little awkward on the left, but overall, it is a beautiful picture. 

Neither of us have started planning just yet. She just started a masters in nursing program and I am finishing the remaining weeks of my second job. We are both quite busy and too tired to even think of it.

We do want to just enjoy the moment, stare at our rings, and have a few mimosas while we are at it ;)


Monday, October 17, 2016

Living with Chronic Illness: Sometimes I Get Tired

Just wanted to make a disclaimer that this is NOT a motivational Monday Saying.


I hope everyone has had a good weekend. For me, this was the first weekend in one year where I did nothing. And it was awesome. As of October 1st, I quit working in the emergency room 3:30pm - midnight for the last year taking only 3 days off. A schedule like this throws your whole sleep and energy schedule out of whack, especially when you do this 1x/week on top of a traditional 9-5. And this year, I had countless all-nighters studying for two board exams. This has been an exhausting year.

I feel like my body is still catching up on a year's worth of missed sleep. I still feel really tired and out of it all the time.

In the last few weeks, it's been difficult for me to take my medication. I've mentioned this several times in the past, but for all my new readers out there, I have an autoimmune disease called Lupus. It's a disease in which my immune system is attacking the good and bad cells of my body causing me to get sick. Fortunately, my Lupus has been controlled and mild-moderate since my diagnosis in 2010. For more on that history, you can read my My Lupus Story and interestingly how Lupus affected my hair here.

I don't know if it's just that I've been tired lately and catching up on sleep or if I'm just really getting tired of taking multiple vitamins and medication each night. For those who have to take multiple pills for whatever reason can probably relate.

There have been some nights where I am just too lazy to take them. It's a lot to take. On lazy nights, I usually can summon up the energy to at least take my actual Lupus medication. I know that's bad. And hypocritical as I work in the medical field preaching med compliance. Agh. I am only human. 

I was too lazy to arrange my pill bottles "blog-worthy" so here's a sneak peak into my life. I have only one prescribed medication which generically is called Plaquenil. The rest are over the counter but a must take as my Lupus has made me deficient in others areas. The aspirin is for prevention of blood clots. There are two bottles of the same thing as one is almost empty.

I summoned the energy to prepare my daily dose of the night. Just looking at it makes me want to gag. 

I know that may not be much to others who are really suffering out there. 

There are just days when I have bad days. And lately, I have been having bad days in which I hate having to swallow all these pills and the mere thought of having to do so sickens me. Looking at it sickens me. Having to open each bottle and taking one out sickens me. 

Ugh. I know I shouldn't complain. There are others far worse than I am.

I am blessed and as healthy as I could be given my circumstance.

Life is what it is, but you know what, sometimes living with a chronic illness can get tiring too.

Cheers as I am about to take my concoction to keep me going.


P.S. Sorry this was a depressing post but I am only human.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


If you know me pretty well, you'd know I have the suckiest luck a lot of the times. I am blessed in countless ways, but I was also cursed with poor luck. LOL.

When +Anne | beautybitten put out a giveaway on her snapchat yummiebitez, I entered thinking I would never win. I've been an avid YouTube watcher for years, entering numerous giveaways of my favorite YouTubers and never winning. But your chances are zero if you don't give it a shot, right?

The prize was the new Benefit Cosmetics Brow Kits. She was giving away two of the Soft and Natural kits and two of the Defined & Refined kits.

I entered Anne's giveaway. A day or two later, she was announcing the four winners on her snapchat. The first winner was not me. The second winner was not me. The third winner was not me. What were the chances of me being the fourth winner?

LO AND BEHOLD she said my YouTube name. Ya'll don't even know how crazy excitedly I shrieked. I have a naturally soft tone to my voice and was heard
rooms away ;)

My package came in the mail today! I was crazy crazy excited! 

I quickly opened it and was so surprised. Even though I saw her snapchat of her packaging the prizes, it was still so surprising and exciting to see it live. She is so thoughtful putting a lot of effort and creativity and love into her packaging. 

When I first opened the package <3

She even snuck in extra goodies. I love mini notepads for my to-do lists! <3

Tips & tricks + the tin kit. Digging the packaging so far

HOW BEAUTIFUL!! Totally beauty drooling <3

The back of the tin (blurry, sorry. Lighting was not in my favor)

The contents:
- Mini BROWVO! Conditioning Primer
- Full size Precisely, My Brow - Brow Filling Pencil
- Full size High Brow Highlight & Lift Pencil
- Mini brow mapping tool
- Tips & tricks


Cannot wait to use these bad boys!

Moral of the story: NEVER say never. I was the Queen of Never and Queen of Bad Luck and look what happened <3

Thanks, Anne! Maraming salamat! <3


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Day + Ollie's Belated Birthday

Hello everyone!

The best part about working at a Jewish agency is all the holidays in the Jewish calendar. This year, there are 7 holidays in October allowing me 7 paid days off that does not come out of my PTO.

During the Jewish holiday season, I had the opportunity to go to the local pumpkin patch with my nephew, his newborn baby brother, his other auntie and of course his mama.

The pumpkin patch is one of my most favorite places. I love fall and going to the pumpkin patch just screams FALL!

Oh...and I also picked up an iced coffee with one pump pumpkin beforehand ;)

My nephew Ollie also turned 4 on 9/28 so we had an opportunity to celebrate since I was unable to make his birthday party due to a wedding and out of town visitor.

Baby boy has got swag ;)

Is anyone else looking forward to all things fall???


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Haul: Kicks + Rite Aid + Ulta

I don't know what happened in the last week but I somehow managed to go to Lady Foot Locker (though this was planned), Rite Aid and Ulta and bought goodies! Some I needed and some I maybe kinda sorta impulse bought? >_<


I done did it you guys! I bought my first pair of Nikes! That probably has no grounds for excitement for anyone. At the age of 30, I finally got my own pair!

I am not a sneaker person. They make me feel like a boy so I hate wearing them especially if they are black. I need my sneakers to be something girly looking like pink or purple.

I never thought to buy Nikes because they are expensive and everyone has them. Part of me did not want to give in. I did not want to spend so much money to buy a name brand shoe. I'm not a name brand type of gal.

The more I became a Zumba princess (LOL), the more interested I became in sneakers and the higher my urge became in wanting Nikes. They come in such fun, bright GIRLY colors!

I FINALLY CAVED!!! And I feel no shame ;)

Nike Women's Free Flyknit TR 5.0 Training Shoe
The Pros:
- Color
- Lightweight : great for Zumba
- Flexible
- Purple! :P

The Cons:
- The shoelaces are practically ribbon. I need to replace them
- This black insert is kind of like partial sock. It sometimes gets in the way of putting on my shoe. It is very flexible so it's easy to step on when putting on the shoe.

Now, the makeup!

Wet 'N Wild Kohl Eye Liners

Top : 605A Don't Leaf Me!
Bottom : 610A Of Quartz

The green is a beautiful olive green / military green with shine. It applies evenly as you can see.
The purple was ehh. It was chunky. I even swatched it again hoping the first swatch was just warming up.

I swatched each of them again, but this time I wanted to just do a line. Again, the green swatched smoothly and perfectly. The purple was still chunky. Sucks.

Don't Leaf Me! on bottom line. It does not look green on the eyes which is a letdown. 

Of Quartz did show purple 

Both liners did not make it throughout the day even WITH primer. No traces of them at the end of my work day. It was like I didn't even put on liner. The green swatched beautifully but the color payoff wasn't the same on my eyes. Sad.

Essence Lip Liner + Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor

Top : Essence Lipliner in Satin Mauve
Bottom : Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in On The Mauve

Top : Essence Lipliner in Satin Mauve
Bottom : Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in On The Mauve

The essence lipliner is beauuuuuutiful. I was trying to find a matching color and the closest I could find in my time-crunch hunt at Ulta was the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in On The Mauve. It's actually a little darker in person and to my dismay, it has a shimmery, shiny finish. For now, I can just dab with a tissue to reduce shine.

Essence Lipliner in Satin Mauve

Ahhhh so beautiful!!! If only it came in lipstick form. The pencil gets used up pretty quickly needing a constant sharpening. I know this color is in demand when I grab the very last one. Luck was on my side that day! :D

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in On The Mauve

I was really hoping this lipstick was matte but it definitely isn't! It has a super sheen finish to it, almost shimmery but not quite frosty. I tried to convince myself that it would be okay, that all I had to do was dab it with a tissue to remove the top layer of shimmer...I eventually returned it.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in On The Mauve after dabbing

Lipstick over the liner + dabbing

Redkin Shampoo

Redkind Color Extend Shampoo + Condition

This was recommended by a friend. I had told her that my hair just kept fading to orange whenever I went lighter. My hair would fade to orange in 3-4 weeks. That is way quicker than it should. I can't really say if it works or not. I last got my hair done in late August and it has faded, but this time NOT orange as I got my hair dyed an ash brown. I like the lighter color it has faded to now so hopefully the shampoo will keep the color at what it that what would happen??

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes

This was part of the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Steals. Original $24, sale $10. This is also the purchase (besides the shoes) that I was most excited about. I never buy purchase non-drugstore mascara when the drugstore has some really great ones.

The only downside to this mascara is THAT I LOVE IT. Not a good idea to fall in love with expensive things :(


Revlon Precision Clear Lash Adhesive

At some point in time, +AprilAthena7 of Youtube's AprilAthena7 had mentioned this as her favorite lash clue and I had to get my hands on it. I use the ever so popular Duo glue but dang, that glue smells so bad, it feels wrong putting something that funky smelling on my eyes. Can't wait to try them!

Ardell Natural 109

I really did not need another pair of lashes, but they were there and they called out to me >_< I have tried Ardell Natural lashes before and loved them. I am not sure if 109 is the only set of natural lashes, but all I know is that the ones I tried were "Natural." Soooo....I just had too.

That's all for my haul. 

When I think about it, it wasn't too bad :D I don't think I went too crazy as the majority of my purchases are drugstore....right? Right?? LOL