Saturday, October 15, 2016


If you know me pretty well, you'd know I have the suckiest luck a lot of the times. I am blessed in countless ways, but I was also cursed with poor luck. LOL.

When +Anne | beautybitten put out a giveaway on her snapchat yummiebitez, I entered thinking I would never win. I've been an avid YouTube watcher for years, entering numerous giveaways of my favorite YouTubers and never winning. But your chances are zero if you don't give it a shot, right?

The prize was the new Benefit Cosmetics Brow Kits. She was giving away two of the Soft and Natural kits and two of the Defined & Refined kits.

I entered Anne's giveaway. A day or two later, she was announcing the four winners on her snapchat. The first winner was not me. The second winner was not me. The third winner was not me. What were the chances of me being the fourth winner?

LO AND BEHOLD she said my YouTube name. Ya'll don't even know how crazy excitedly I shrieked. I have a naturally soft tone to my voice and was heard
rooms away ;)

My package came in the mail today! I was crazy crazy excited! 

I quickly opened it and was so surprised. Even though I saw her snapchat of her packaging the prizes, it was still so surprising and exciting to see it live. She is so thoughtful putting a lot of effort and creativity and love into her packaging. 

When I first opened the package <3

She even snuck in extra goodies. I love mini notepads for my to-do lists! <3

Tips & tricks + the tin kit. Digging the packaging so far

HOW BEAUTIFUL!! Totally beauty drooling <3

The back of the tin (blurry, sorry. Lighting was not in my favor)

The contents:
- Mini BROWVO! Conditioning Primer
- Full size Precisely, My Brow - Brow Filling Pencil
- Full size High Brow Highlight & Lift Pencil
- Mini brow mapping tool
- Tips & tricks


Cannot wait to use these bad boys!

Moral of the story: NEVER say never. I was the Queen of Never and Queen of Bad Luck and look what happened <3

Thanks, Anne! Maraming salamat! <3


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