Wednesday, February 22, 2017

One of the Happiest Weekends

Aloha everyone!

2017 has already kicked off to a great start. I am so blessed to be surrounded by love, laughter, and support. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the little things in life. I am really  hoping that this year, I can cherish the small moments as well as the big and to remember to always be grateful.

The first weekend of January, I had an opportunity for a whirlwind of social events that kept be busy, exhausting, yet all worth it. I was smiling from ear to ear the whole weekend. 

Here's how my weekend went pictures...and of course, almost entirely food:

A chirashi bowl for me. Yes oh yes, please.
And my friend and her newborn <3


Ice cream flavors from all over the world - even the Philippines <3
Of course, I chose coffee. Country? I forgot :(

A reunion with my graduate school girls in a living room just talking.
Girl talk, pregnancies, engagements, marriages
Love, life, challenges
We talked about ERRRRRYTHANG

Sadly, I didn't get a chance to save my photos from Sunday. I Snapped the day, but did not save them. BOO! It was a lot of fun too.

I went to a Mexican bakery and purchased guava rolls. I love my Porto's Bakery, but the Mexican bakery totally beat Porto's because it was waaaayyyy less sweet.

I also went shoe shopping and bought Bobs. They were on sale. BOO YEAH. I bought a black pair with a leopard print lining. Fabulous <3

And you know what's awesome for my old lady feet? It has memory foam! It's like walking on pillows. Love. Love. Love. 

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That was my weekend. And it was beautiful in all regards. I am so thankful for weekends like this. No major event. Just people who love each other, catching up, making memories.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Product Got Me Confused? Maybelline Push Up Angel

In late December, I purchased a new mascara.

As recommended, I switch out my mascara every 3 months for hygiene purposes. I love trying new mascaras and Maybelline has always been my go-to brand for mascara. I don't think, if my memory serves me right, that I have been disappointed with a Maybelline mascara...

...until NOW!! Though, I'm not 100% sure. I am confused!

I picked up The Falsies Push Up Angel without even really reading in the detail the titles. To be honest, I picked this up because it was purple and had the word "angel" on it. I've tried 3 - 4 different Maybelline mascaras and have never been disappointed. I figured Maybelline could do no wrong and whatever I picked would be amazing.

When I opened the mascara tube for the first time and saw the wand, I was thinking "what the heck?"
In the store, I did not even check out the how the wand looks like because I did not care. This wand is just weird. The wand is designed for you to be able to get right at the root of the lashes and wiggle your way up to "push up" your lashes.

It just made my lashes look like a mess. The formula was also too wet for my taste and ended up clumping my lashes. I like a little clumping but not to the point where I look like a have chunks of lashes. Yeek. Maybe as the mascara gets a little older the formula will dry up more and it will work better? AHHH.


I was so upset that I bought a different mascara the following week.

Then my softy self wanted to give the Push Up Angel another try and so I did. And just as I had expected, the mascara dried up a little bit and I actually liked it. I felt totally bad because the first time I used this mascara I sent a mass texts of "WORST MASCARA EVER"  to my fellow beauty junkies.

The next day, it was all clumpy again. I continued to use this mascara continuously for the rest of the week. It was either a hit or a miss. I am not sure if it was me or the mascara but I don't know why I couldn't get a good day every day.

On a good day, it didn't give me the voluminous va va voom lashes I strive for. Instead, my lashes were slightly lifted and natural looking.

I am just not sure how I feel about this product. Still totally stumped on whether I like it or not. However, I do know for certain that I will not be buying this product again.

Have any of you tried this product??  Is it just me? Or am I the only undecided or the only one who does not know how to use this product to its fabulosity?


Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Sayings: No Such Thing As Forever?

Aloha everyone,

Back in November, my cousin from the Philippines came to stay with us for two weeks. I took him out to a mostly seafood restaurant in Hollywood where they cook seafood in a bag that sits in boiling water. 

Customers can write on the wall. On my way out, my cousin spotted this phrase that I was actually facing the whole night but never noticed.

"Walang forever" which translates into "there is no forever."

And it hurt my heart. 

I've gotten my heart broken so bad but I still believe in love.

Whomever wrote that must've had his or her heart broken, cut into pieces, and ran over by a hundred semi-trucks or something.

Whatever the case, it just broke my heart that someone out there didn't believe in forever. I know shit happens and things end and the trauma from the experience stays with you. That is life. But to not have hope for a forever I guess is what really makes me sad. 

Maybe I do live in a fairy tale land as my former classmate had told me. It was in my heath class our instructor asked us to partner up and tell our partner how we would want to die. I told my classmate, "In bed next to my spouse and hopefully at the same time like in The Notebook." Ok, yeah. I guess I live in a fairy tale.

But I do believe in love.

And to whomever wrote that, I wish you love, health, happiness and an opportunity to believe and hope in forever.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Saying I Do: First Venue Tour Complete

Aloha everyone! 

Last Monday, I completed my first venue tour! :D

I was supposed to go with a girlfriend who couldn't make it last minute due to her two sick babies. Both are under three so she had her hands full.

I thought about cancelling out of nervousness and laziness. Los Angeles has been experiencing heavy rain a few days a week each week since the year began. The rain and cold make me want to stay under my covers.

I put my big girl panties on and braved the rain, and went to the venue solo. I felt so independent!! 

However, when I did arrive, I did feel overwhelmed. My mind blanked. I was unsure if I asked the right questions. I don't think I asked enough questions. 

One obvious thing I knew about weddings is that they are expensive. One thing I learned today is that if you want to have the wedding pictured in your head to be manifested into real life, it's way more expensive than what you actually thought it would be. The cost just kept adding up and the more overwhelmed I became. My fiance is not the wedding type. He's more of a "let's go to court." He hates big parties and he hates being the center of attention. He also freaks out about the money to be spent. As the dollars went up, I imagined his jaw dropping. And that's just with the basics plus "cheaper" yet simple additions.

I got my print out that detailed my expenses. Eight pages worth that included fine print, yet no hidden fees. The representative handed me the paperwork and told me to "take your time, but not take your time." He said prices will go up about $10/person some time in February. He told me that he cannot hold the date (which was not my ideal date) for me. If someone puts a deposit in, of course that individual will get the venue. He told me that if I call him within 48 hours and decide to go with his venue, he can give me discounts. WHAT A SALESMAN.

I took my printout. Sat in my car. Called my friend to process my feelings of feeling overwhelmed, confused, scared, nervous.

I really wish I went with someone. This is something major to process.

As I write this, I am still processing everything going on so hopefully it makes sense. If not, my brain is still in TENSE mode but I suppose that makes my post more authentic? LOL.

Most venues look pretty much the same. And at the end of the day, it's going to be my experience and memories that will count not one venue over another. Though each venue has different things to offer which come with different personalities/hospitality manners. UGH. CONFUSING.

Don't listen to me right now. I am a big puddle of OMG WHAT DO I DO.

Anyways, I sneaked in some pictures on my dying phone. Enjoy. Tell me what you think :D


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Saying I Do: Wedding Planning Begins!

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to my wedding planning series "Saying I Do." I am finally cracking down on this wedding planning that I have been avoiding. 

I got engaged at the very tail end of July. I had my final licensure exam in late August so wedding planning at the time was out of the question. After I passed my exam (woot woot), my mind was too fried to do anything that involved planning, thinking or any kind of brain usage. 

Christmas 2016 weekend, I started to email a bunch of venues and got multiple responses. It overwhelmed me and I swept it under the rug. 

Now, I am officially ready to tackle it head on and get this wedding going!

I have booked a viewing of two venues on February 5. I am super nervous and super excited at the same time.

All I know is that my wedding ceremony and reception are most likely going to be held in a banquet hall in Glendale, CA. Glendale has fond memories for me. I love Glendale. I used to work near Glendale. And most importantly, my grandma used to live in Glendale and we would come weekly to visit her. Definitely fond memories of Glendale. 

I have small details picked out such as theme, colors (I think), cake topper, bridal party - all the non-stressful stuff. LOL.

I totally understand why people hire people. It is really overwhelming.

I have planned baby showers, huge birthday parties, but dang, planning your own wedding is no joke. And it's very different from a baby shower and a huge birthday party.

I hope you join me in my journey towards the big day. It is definitely going to be exciting, stressful, tearjerking and amazing.


I am really digging the red dress :)
Sorry it's blurry by the way. I have no idea why it is. It's in HD and everything :(