Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Sayings: No Such Thing As Forever?

Aloha everyone,

Back in November, my cousin from the Philippines came to stay with us for two weeks. I took him out to a mostly seafood restaurant in Hollywood where they cook seafood in a bag that sits in boiling water. 

Customers can write on the wall. On my way out, my cousin spotted this phrase that I was actually facing the whole night but never noticed.

"Walang forever" which translates into "there is no forever."

And it hurt my heart. 

I've gotten my heart broken so bad but I still believe in love.

Whomever wrote that must've had his or her heart broken, cut into pieces, and ran over by a hundred semi-trucks or something.

Whatever the case, it just broke my heart that someone out there didn't believe in forever. I know shit happens and things end and the trauma from the experience stays with you. That is life. But to not have hope for a forever I guess is what really makes me sad. 

Maybe I do live in a fairy tale land as my former classmate had told me. It was in my heath class our instructor asked us to partner up and tell our partner how we would want to die. I told my classmate, "In bed next to my spouse and hopefully at the same time like in The Notebook." Ok, yeah. I guess I live in a fairy tale.

But I do believe in love.

And to whomever wrote that, I wish you love, health, happiness and an opportunity to believe and hope in forever.


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