Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Saying I Do: Wedding Planning Begins!

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to my wedding planning series "Saying I Do." I am finally cracking down on this wedding planning that I have been avoiding. 

I got engaged at the very tail end of July. I had my final licensure exam in late August so wedding planning at the time was out of the question. After I passed my exam (woot woot), my mind was too fried to do anything that involved planning, thinking or any kind of brain usage. 

Christmas 2016 weekend, I started to email a bunch of venues and got multiple responses. It overwhelmed me and I swept it under the rug. 

Now, I am officially ready to tackle it head on and get this wedding going!

I have booked a viewing of two venues on February 5. I am super nervous and super excited at the same time.

All I know is that my wedding ceremony and reception are most likely going to be held in a banquet hall in Glendale, CA. Glendale has fond memories for me. I love Glendale. I used to work near Glendale. And most importantly, my grandma used to live in Glendale and we would come weekly to visit her. Definitely fond memories of Glendale. 

I have small details picked out such as theme, colors (I think), cake topper, bridal party - all the non-stressful stuff. LOL.

I totally understand why people hire people. It is really overwhelming.

I have planned baby showers, huge birthday parties, but dang, planning your own wedding is no joke. And it's very different from a baby shower and a huge birthday party.

I hope you join me in my journey towards the big day. It is definitely going to be exciting, stressful, tearjerking and amazing.


I am really digging the red dress :)
Sorry it's blurry by the way. I have no idea why it is. It's in HD and everything :(


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