Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Saying I Do: First Venue Tour Complete

Aloha everyone! 

Last Monday, I completed my first venue tour! :D

I was supposed to go with a girlfriend who couldn't make it last minute due to her two sick babies. Both are under three so she had her hands full.

I thought about cancelling out of nervousness and laziness. Los Angeles has been experiencing heavy rain a few days a week each week since the year began. The rain and cold make me want to stay under my covers.

I put my big girl panties on and braved the rain, and went to the venue solo. I felt so independent!! 

However, when I did arrive, I did feel overwhelmed. My mind blanked. I was unsure if I asked the right questions. I don't think I asked enough questions. 

One obvious thing I knew about weddings is that they are expensive. One thing I learned today is that if you want to have the wedding pictured in your head to be manifested into real life, it's way more expensive than what you actually thought it would be. The cost just kept adding up and the more overwhelmed I became. My fiance is not the wedding type. He's more of a "let's go to court." He hates big parties and he hates being the center of attention. He also freaks out about the money to be spent. As the dollars went up, I imagined his jaw dropping. And that's just with the basics plus "cheaper" yet simple additions.

I got my print out that detailed my expenses. Eight pages worth that included fine print, yet no hidden fees. The representative handed me the paperwork and told me to "take your time, but not take your time." He said prices will go up about $10/person some time in February. He told me that he cannot hold the date (which was not my ideal date) for me. If someone puts a deposit in, of course that individual will get the venue. He told me that if I call him within 48 hours and decide to go with his venue, he can give me discounts. WHAT A SALESMAN.

I took my printout. Sat in my car. Called my friend to process my feelings of feeling overwhelmed, confused, scared, nervous.

I really wish I went with someone. This is something major to process.

As I write this, I am still processing everything going on so hopefully it makes sense. If not, my brain is still in TENSE mode but I suppose that makes my post more authentic? LOL.

Most venues look pretty much the same. And at the end of the day, it's going to be my experience and memories that will count not one venue over another. Though each venue has different things to offer which come with different personalities/hospitality manners. UGH. CONFUSING.

Don't listen to me right now. I am a big puddle of OMG WHAT DO I DO.

Anyways, I sneaked in some pictures on my dying phone. Enjoy. Tell me what you think :D


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