Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Engagement Ring Selfie

A few weeks ago, a friend and i went to have brunch celebrating our engagements. She became engaged a few weeks after me on her 10th year anniversary with her boo thang. 

We were both so thrilled and excited about our engagements that we decided to have ring selfie photo shoot. Her college friend coincidentally sat at the table next to use and agreed to take some photos.

This is my most favorite one. My hand a little awkward on the left, but overall, it is a beautiful picture. 

Neither of us have started planning just yet. She just started a masters in nursing program and I am finishing the remaining weeks of my second job. We are both quite busy and too tired to even think of it.

We do want to just enjoy the moment, stare at our rings, and have a few mimosas while we are at it ;)


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