Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Sayings: A "Me" Day

Last week was a toughie for me. I was really stressed out and overwhelmed and people just seemed to irritate me. I was feeling as though I was giving so much to others and not receiving the same love in return.

I was also working on a state hospital job application that I was able to reapply to as I was deemed ineligible 3 months ago.My application was rejected in September. It is a high paying job that I am qualified for and it comes with great hours, flexibility, and of course BENEFITS both present and future. I need this job or something of the like. I didn't get my masters degree to get paid shit. Well, yes, I picked a mostly shitty paying career, but still. I am worth more. 

This weekend, I decided to just clock out and take a time out from obligation, family and friends. 

On Saturday, I decided to have a "Me" day. Just be on my own. At the end of the day, we make ourselves happy. We make ourselves successful. We make ourselves whatever we want. No one can do this for us but us.

So I took a day off to do what I want. And it was amazing.

At 12pm, I took a dance fusion class at the local YMCA. It was amazing. If you really knew me, gymming on a weekend is not what I do, or at least, not consistently. It was really thrilling and not as crowded as the weekday schedules. 

After my dance fusion class, I did some strength and conditioning to get my muscles nice and toned. Again, it was really nice because the gym was practically empty. Whatever machine I wanted to use was available whenever I wanted it.

And another amazing thing? When I started working out on the hip abductor, I started off at 70, now I am at 100!! YASSS!

I mailed in my application after my gym workout. How convenient that the post office is across the street. It was meant to be a good day!

I had a late brunch at this trendy [and expen$ive!! gah!] brunch spot at Go Get 'Em Tiger in the quaint little Larchmont Village. I grew up going there and have such fond memories. In many ways, it is my happy place.

I ordered the popular avocado toast, almond macadamia latte, and the Filipino style bacon. 

WAY TO REPRESENT!! So random too. Go Philippines! <3

I came home, rested, lit my delicious smelling Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake candle from Bath & Body works.There's something so soothing and de-stressing about a candle burning. Then I binged on Fuller House season 2 on Netflix.

This day was a reminder that we all need a day to ourselves, to be by ourselves, to honor ourselves and treat ourselves, to be happy and comfortable with ourselves. 

So please, when you're having a bad week, a bad day, or whatnot, owe to yourself to take a day off for yourself. 

It's the greatest feeling. It really really is.


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