Thursday, April 28, 2016

A - Z: 26 Things About Me Tag

Hello everyone!

My friend had posted this "26 Things About Me" on Facebook. I love these little personal fun fact bits because they are so interested to read and do myself.

Let's get to it!

Twenty six thing about me...
A - Age: 29 going on 30 (in less than a month! AH!)
B - Biggest Fear: Dying alone and unhappy
C - Current time: 12:50pm
D - Drink you last had: McDonalds iced coffee, vanilla flavor
E - Every day starts with: an eye rub and a "Damn. Morning already?"
F - Favorite song: Probably "Too Close" by Next. Lol. It just reminds me of my childhood when I didn't know what the words actually meant. 
G - Ghosts, are they real: I hope not!!
H - Hometown: Los Angeles
I - In love with: Ben
J - Jealous of: Not sure if I would call this jealousy, but it annoys me when I see people "living the life" off of welfare and not working, though they have the potential to. I'm a social worker. I see this happen more often than not
K - Killed someone?: I could never unless I was being brutally attacked or something
L - Last time your cried?: Today when I saw this YouTube Video "My Dad is a Liar"
M - Middle name: Diaz
N - Number of siblings: 2
O - One wish: Idealistically, we can all be happy and get along. Realistically, as my parents grow older, I wish they continue to be strong, healthy, happy and not have a hard time
P - Person you last called: An intake worker at a psych hospital. Lol. I was at work, people!
Q - Question you're always asked: "When are you getting married?"
R - Reason to smile: I am alive and as healthy as as I can be
S - Song last sang: Probably Post Malone's "White Iverson". It' catchy!
T - Time you woke up: 9:30ish am
U - Underwear color: Black with pink branded writing
V - Vacation destination: I'm an island girl, but I also want to go to Ireland
W - Worst habit: Overanalyzing, overstressing, overworrying 
X - X-rays you've had: Teeth and foot
Y - Your favorite food: Sushi!
Z - Zodiac sign: Proudly Gemini

Hope you had fun learning a little more about me.

If you do this tag yourself, please let me know! I would love to read it.


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