Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pop Quiz: Which One Is It?

Why hello there!

Are you ready to put your thinking caps on?! Today, I have a pop quiz in store for you!

But first, here's a little background...

On March 31st, I took part one of my state licensure exam for my clinical social work license. And I passed! Woot woot!

As a reward to myself, I got my nails done after my exam. I even splurged and got a design. And oh my dang, did that design bump up the price hella much!!

Two weeks later, two of my gel nails lifted and I removed them. I wasn't quite ready to give up all my nails, especially since this was my first time getting a design. And I paid good money for that!

I decided to experiment and try to "repair" the missing nails myself by mixing a few of my colors. I made two batches. The first batch was a near exact dupe, but of course, clumsy me dropped it on the floor making a mess. Whomp.

Can you guess which two are the "repaired" nails?!

Here are some up close shots that will help may it more obvious.

Hope you enjoyed this little silly post :)


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