Thursday, September 1, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Going Blonde-ish

Aloha everyone!

For my 30th birthday in May, I decided to try something different with my hair rather than my go to peekaboo color hairstyle. 

I did balayage! I know that does not sound adventurous to most people, but mind you, I have never dyed my top layer of hair (in fear of roots growing quickly), just the bottom layers for easy maintenance when roots grow out.

Balayage was step one towards going lighter. In one of my 30th Birthday Diaries series post, I shared pictures of the blonde I wanted to go, but was not brave enough to go that drastic.

Last July, I went back to my hairstylist and asked to retouch my balayage but go lighter and cut my really long hair :D

And here's what went down.

The pictures do not do the color any justice. These pictures show the hair color to be more brown than blonde.

Regardless, I loved it!!! But sadly, my hair just could not hold the color for too long. My hair quickly turned brassy and orange after 3-4 weeks. Not even purple shampoo could save the day.

This light hair balayage thing was not the ish for me. Way too much maintenance, damage and money spent for touch-ups!

It was fine while it lasted but I just could not keep up.

Last week, as part of my pampering celebration for passing my board exam, I got my hair done and my nails done which I will share next week. 

I hope the rest of the week is good to you and I wish you a beautiful weekend.


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