Monday, May 5, 2014

Song of The Moment: PINASmile

This song has captivated my heart. This song was played over and over and over during my stay in the Philippines.

It is the ABS-CBN Summer Station ID 2014 music video "PINASmile." ABS-CBN is a TV station in the Philippines. Pinas is a nickname for the Philippines. According to my cousin, the TV station makes a summer and Christmas music video each year.

How cute is that?!

The video highlights the beautiful smiles of the Filipino people. And now that summer is here, people are happy and smiling, rejoicing together in the beauty and love that is the Philippines and Filipino people. 

The main "cast" are celebrities in the Philippines, but it also showcases every day Filipinos in the Philippines. It makes my heart happy. 

It's a beautiful song and it makes me oh so proud to be Filipino. And of course, it makes me miss the Philippines a bajillion times more!!



  1. Such a happy up-beat song! love it xx

  2. PS. Yep it's autumn here in australia (we switch to winter in June), how bout you? what season are you in? xx

    1. I'm in Los Angeles, USA. It's still Spring :) We just got over a horrible heatwave last week. It's cool now (chilly actually!), but the heat picks up again this Friday. I'm not ready! :D