Thursday, May 22, 2014

Birthday Nails and Birthday SWEETS

Aloha! I mentioned in my previous post that there was a good chance I was going to change my nails. And I did! I kept my left hand the same and changed my right hand. I turned my nails into a festive birthday extravaganza!! 

(Confetti, balloons, cupcake, candles, and a green bow tie for my emerald birthstone)

The madness - I mixed colors and cleaned tools along the way 

I used my nail kit that I bought online on Amazon. It cost me only $1.57 and it came with free shipping! The only caveat was that shipping time would take 17 - 28 days as it was shipping from Hong Kong. To my delight, it came way sooner than expected. 

To continue with the birthday theme, it was a festive day at work! In our weekly Thursday meeting, we celebrated my birthday! My closest coworkers pitched in to buy me cronuts! Awww. I also received flowers and a cream was a sugar fest! I've been drinking water all day to dilute all that sugar running through my bloodstream. Haha :)

Hands down, the BEST cream puff I have ever had. There was caramel or butterscotch inside with the custard. mmHmm. And it wasn't too sweet so that was a major plus!

Excuse my partially eaten cronut. I ate it during the meeting, but didn't finish it because I wanted to save my appetite for our monthly staff luncheon.
Top left is coconut. Top right is blueberry and blackberry. The one I munched on was maple bacon. And that little triangle is a lemon poppy seed scone. They spoil me at work!

Tomorrow is my actual birthday. A few of my coworkers are taking me out to eat at Lemonade in Larchmont Village. Good company and good food are all I could ever ask for :) and rumor has it, they're making me wear a tiara ;)

Looks like 28 is going to be a sweet year for me ;)



  1. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had an awesome day! I can't get over your nails! they are so cool xx

  2. cute bday nails! i did once try to draw cupcakes on my nails ... lol failed big time! i love urs!