Sunday, May 18, 2014

OOTD: Birthday Week!

It's official! My birthday week is here :) I will be 28 on May 23 :) Time flies. Sometimes it feels like I just turned 21. Wow, can we rewind time, please? Life is passing by way too fast!

May is filled with a long list of birthdays. Ben's birthday is on the 22nd. My mom's, my good friend, and my best friend's brother's birthday is on the 24th. My best friend's birthday is the 31st. My sorority little sister's is on the 30th.  It's non-stop celebration in May :)

Last night, I took Ben out for his birthday dinner to Malbec Argentinian Cuisine in Pasadena, CA. It's a very nice and elegant place where you would need a reservation on a Saturday night. I don't go to places like this often, but for special occasions, we all deserve a treat ;)

Here's what I wore:

I wore this maxi dress that I bought on CLEARANCE (yay!) at JC Penny two years ago. It is by Ruby Rox. 
Pink blazer is from Marshalls. I bought it for $4.99. What a steal!
I had my H&M green sunglasses. I know they don't really match, but I broke 2 of my black sunnies a while ago and I haven't found any that I've liked. The deaths of those sunnies were traumatic!! One was slammed in my car door and the other got caught onto something and I yanked it way too hard...and that is why I don't buy expensive sunnies.
My purse is the Merona Ostrich Flap Crossbody from Target. I love it! It was also used in the Nickelodeon TV show Instant Mom. My purse hit the small screen! HEHE :)

(Left: Instant Mom. Right: Me)

My earrings are from Forever 21. Black center stone with gold all around with crystals within in the gold. 
Necklace is also from Forever 21.
My Style & Co watch is gold from Macy's. 
My bracelet is a brown shiny jade from Chinatown.

My flip flops are from Mossimo from Target. They were $12.99. Nine West sells this exact style for $40. Who got the better bargain? I DID. These flip flops are black and gold and they match my earrings!
My nails as you can see are confused. The colors and designs are different on each hand and on each foot. I recently purchased this nail tool set so I was playing around with it.

Our food!
I ordered the rib eye. I'm not a heavy meat eater so when I eat something like this, I have to prepare myself. Vegetarian pre- and post-heavy meat meal. It was really good though :)

Ben ordered the skirt steak. He loved it as well :)

Funny Story:
During my meal, I was getting so hot. I did not understand why. I look around and noticed the restaurant started to become full so I figured it was just body heat. I ended up taking off my pink blazer and putting it on the back of my chair. I  was seated by a marble counter with a glass window. At the end of my meal, I realized that behind that glass window was the bread toaster! HAHA. Explains my heat flashes throughout my meal.

But that's not all! Before we left, I went to the ladies room to wash my hands. I came back, grabbed my blazer and left. When we arrived to the dessert shop, I got out of the car and saw a brown cloth on my chair. I was so confused.

I had accidentally stolen the napkin from the snazzy restaurant. I must have grabbed it along with my blazer. OOPS. Sorry, Malbec!!

Well, I guess I shall consider it a birthday present from the restaurant? -__- 



  1. the necklace and watch is to die for! love it!!!!! plus food omg! love all kinda asian food , thank god i married ASIAN GUY hahahah! nice log i must say i will add u to my reading list , will appreciate if you could check mine too :) i'm still working on it and today i'm planing to post at least two posts heheh

    xo Monica

    1. thank you for checking out my blog! i will definitely follow yours. i went to your google+ page and couldn't find your site. let me know :)