Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mini Philippines Haul


I am saddened that I walked (or flew?) away from the Philippines with very few items. I guess you know when you're getting older when the pasalubong you bring back home is mostly food and items for others. Pasalubong is somewhat like souvenirs? In Filipino culture, it is custom/tradition to bring back gifts to family and friends back home.

Here are the few items I bought for myself:

In America, shoe sizes mean "size 7" or "6 1/2" or whatever number. That's how we refer to shoe sizes. In the Philippines (and I'm sure other countries do this too), sizes are 26, 27, and so forth. I have no idea what size I am in that measurement so it was difficult for me to guess. I just had to pick a random number and go from there!

They are both size 38 (according to family, I have giant feet). Weird thing is that the silvery purple is longer than the nude shoes, but it's tighter. Maybe I haven't broken into them yet.

The silvery purple shoes are from the department store Landmark in TriNoma Mall, Quezon City, Manila. The nude shoes are my favorite because I love neutral colors and I love gold accents. It's a double win. I bought those in Lee Super Plaza in Downtown Dumaguete.

I know I'm getting older when these ballet flat socks are some of my favorite purchases. HAHA. They come 3 in a pack. One pack was 200 PHP (Philippine peso). That's about $4.54 US. That's so cheap! In the U.S., a good pack of 2 is $8...You see why I'm so excited about this? I've already tried them and I love them. I also love that they are low cut. Amazing.

So my next purchases are kind of embarrassing, but I have no shame!

In the Philippines, they played three commercials ALL the time. One was the summer music video which I did a post about. The other two were different (but very similar versions) of the Palmolive shampoo. 

In the U.S., Palmolive is a brand for dish soap so I was definitely intrigued.

This commercial was played over and over...and over and over again! It made me want to be a Palmolive girl! HAHA

This commercial was played over and over as well. This is a shorter version that showcases 10 Palmolive girls. I believe there was a contest and these are the winners.

If you got a chance to view the videos, you'd see that it's so cute and so catchy!

So look what I did...

I bought three different kinds! In my defense, the two bottles are travel size. They are about the size of my hand. 

Purple is for Frizzy/wavy hair
Pink is for Dry/coarse hair.
Red is for Color-treated hair. Sadly, there were not any travel size ones. They only had the red in large bottles and these small packets.

As you can probably guess, my hair is dry and frizzy. I'm using the pink one right now. I do like it! It smells good - fruity. What's weird is that it also smells like cherry cough syrup. If I smell it too long, it reminds of cough medicine and makes me cringe. Thankfully, that cough syrup smell does not stay on your hair. The fruity smell does linger! You're probably thinking "she does not make any sense." HAHA SORRY!

And that's it...see, it was mini. It makes me sad, but I have made a mental note to pick up some makeup when  I go next time. For fun, I swatched lipsticks on my hand from the brand Careline. It stained my hand! I definitely need to check that out next time.

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed!



  1. Love all the shoes you bought!! Those metallic ones are gorgeous! I never wear ballet flat socks but I definitely need to start! haha you should so become a palmolive girl ;) xx


  2. totally laughed when you said you wanna be a palmolive girl haha. i'm singing the song in my head right now just coz you mentioned it :P