Monday, May 12, 2014

16 Questions About Makeup TAG

Aloha everyone!

I stumbled upon this tag in the comments section of  +Anna Saccone 's blog post "My Week In Pictures."

It was created by fellow blogger Anita of Mais Feminices. Go check out her blog! You will not regret it! Her pictures are amazing, her writing is witty, and she has a lot of jaw-dropping products to share and review. Need I say more?? ;)

Let's get started!

01. You have two minutes to leave your house, and you're not wearing makeup, which is the only product that you choose?
How about a paperbag with eye cutouts to go over my head?? Just kidding!! :) Mascara it is!

02. Do you really know what is your skin type?

Not really. Whomp whomp. My guess is normal most of the year and oily in summer.

03. Do you ever go to the dermatologist? Do you do facial cleaning treatments?

I've never gone to the dermatologist. I don't do any special facial cleaning treatments. I stick to the regular face wash and toner. To be honest, I'm really scared of trying face products in fear of allergic reactions or breakouts. #chicken

04. Which is your favorite moisturizer? Why?

My all-time favorite that I've used for many years (but don't use now because it gets pricey) is Estee Lauder's Day Wear Moisturizer. It really sinks into my skin, making me feel moisturized and not sticky.

05. Have you suffered or still suffer from acne?
In my teen years, I had the occasional breakouts on my forehead. It was never too bad. Nowadays, I have mini breakouts here and there, but it's usually just one ginormous pimple in the middle of my forehead or right in between my eyebrows so that all the world can see I have a pimple. #AttentionSeekingZit

06. Any makeup product that has given you acne or allergies?

Thankfully, no. However, do Lip Smackers count?? It made my lips swell when I was a child and I haven't used them since.

07. Foundation or Concealer?

Concealer on the daily to cover my sad lack-of-sleep eyes and to also act as a "natural" highlight

08. Blush or Bronzer?

I am not ashamed to say BOTH! It's a party on my cheeks ;) If I had to choose, blush.

09. Which is your favorite lipstick brand? Why?

L'Oreal. I love their Infallible line because the lasting power is great and pigmentation is amazing. A tube will last you an eternity. 

10. Elongated or Voluminous lashes ?

That's a hard one!! But I'll go with voluminous. I do love fullness over length.

11. Name two favourite brands for hair products and makeup.

Hair: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and It's A 10 Leave-in Spray with Keratin. I have dry, frizzy lioness hair so these products make my hair manageable and as decent looking as it can get ;)
Makeup: Currently Stila and Maybelline.

12. Do you prefer to buy makeup online or in physical stores?

Physical stores! I love swatching makeup. I love trying it on. I love the bright lights, the colors, the endless options! I just love being in the presence of makeup. 

13. Do you use homemade recipes for skin or hair?

No. I do want to try a homemade lip scrub. I spent $16 on Mally Beauty's Lip Scrub. I love it, but I feel like I could have made something that gets the same job done at a fraction of the price.

14. Do you ever sleep with makeup on?

On my laziest of nights when I come home really late, but that is rare because I'm like an old lady and typically sleep early. 

15. What advise do you give to a person that wants to start wearing makeup?
1) Less is more, 2) blend, blend, blend 3) begin with drugstore products, and 4) be patient with yourself in learning :)

16. Which product you want to buy but you don't do it because it is very expensive?

Urban Decay Naked 3. Why don't they ever go on sale?? :(

I would love to see +thriveonnovelty , +Maj Valencia , and +Carah Amelie (and anyone really!!) complete this tag. It was a lot of fun :) 



  1. Oh I love this tag and all your answers!!! thanks so much for tagging me :D Can't wait to do it! xxx

  2. Can't wait to see :) and congratulations again on the baby! He's so handsome :)