Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sticker Selfies: PhotoGrid App

I, like many others, have trouble sleeping at night. I am not one of those whose head can hit the pillow and that's it! Sleepyland. Nooooooo. Not me. I'm the one that tosses and turns, thinks and talks to myself, plays with phone because staring into darkness is boring after an hour, and grunting because I know it's late but I still can't sleep. 

One late night, I was up tossing and turning. I decided to play with an iPhone app called PhotoGrid. And in my inability to sleep, I discovered that the app is pretty darn cool :P

This selfie was taken the day of the baby shower (see previous post). Girls tend to send each other selfies to get makeup and hair ideas...this was one of those.

I took this picture and added stickers using the PhotoGrid app. Because every girl is a princess, I added a crown. You know I love bears. I love bows. And you can never go wrong with sunnies.

I hope this random post finds you well.

If you haven't already, check out the PhotoGrid app on iPhone. 


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