Monday, March 31, 2014

Old New Post: Two Year Purple Anniversary

My Lupus revisiting the past entries are almost up! I think I have one or two after this and then we can fast forward to the present blog posts about anything and everything :D

To read what went down in year one, please click here. Keep on reading to see what happened on my second year anniversary:  

To refresh your memory, I was hospitalized on July 12 – 17, 2010. During my stay, I was diagnosed with SLE. With each passing month, my symptoms became manageable and life became more “normal.” Having a chronic (and possibly life threatening) illness changes your perspective on life. It highlights the beauty of life’s smallest details and teaches you to embrace time and make time because you never when you’ll get another chance.
I have made it a point to celebrate life every mid-July, to commemorate the event that changed me. I call this celebration my “Purple Anniversary.” I love celebrating my purple anniversary because to me, it’s a way of showing Lupus that despite the pain and the modifications to my daily routine, I’m still here and happy and enjoying life. 

Since I've been into nail art lately, I kicked off my lupus purple anniversary with lupus ribbon nails. Here is how they turned out.

To celebrate this year,  my friend helped me co-host a small wine and cheese party at her beautiful home.  I love cheese and I love wine. And I’ve always wanted to host a wine and cheese party so why not kill two birds with one stone? Have my purple anniversary and my wine and cheese party! Sounds like a good time!

Our menu included salad, fruit, bruschetta on a freshly baked baguette, and cheesecake brownies. All items (minus the wine) purchased from good old Trader Joes in the San Fernando Valley.  The beautiful round wine glasses  had a light purple ribbon tied around the stem of the glass. It was quite elegant! Attire included purple of course and I’m happy to say it was 100% purple attire! :) We talked and we laughed, we reminisced and made plans for the future. Moments like these are so simple and yet so precious. It’s sometimes difficult for us to get together often because of work and other commitments, but it’s always nice to get together, catch up, and celebrate life over a glass of wine (or two).

My friend who brought the wine from her wine tasting adventure at Solvang (how sweet of her!) also brought whipped cream infused with wine! That was the most random  item she pulled out of her car. The whipped cream was chocolate flavor and it was strong! A little went a long way and I learned this the hard way as I oozed a hefty dollop onto my cheesecake brownie. It was a delicious combo to say the least!

For my first year anniversary, I wanted to go to the beach, which I did. After going, I realized I wanted the beach to be part of the tradition of my purple anniversary. Since sunlight affects lupus, lupus patients are always told to take extra precaution when going to the beach or to avoid going to the beach during sun peak hours. 

Being able to go to the beach in the late afternoon when there’s still sun, but not as harsh, is refreshing. The beach is one of my favorite places! It’s just too pretty to not enjoy! 

While at the beach, I took a stroll , watched the amazing athleticism and strength of the individuals who were climbing up the tight rope or swinging through the rings. I also watched the beauty of the ocean waves swaying back and forth. To end the evening, I rode the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel. The views were captivating. The sun was getting closer and closer to setting over the water. What a beautiful sight!

For a second year in a row, I’ve been given the opportunity to celebrate life and good health with supportive, loving people. That in itself is a cause for celebration! Cheers!


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