Saturday, March 29, 2014

OOTD and FOTD: Baby Shower (again)

I'm in that age bracket in which most [ by history's tradition] people start to get married and/or have children. A few weeks ago, I attended my 3rd baby shower since December. That's 3 baby showers in 4 months. YEEE! A reminder that I am getting old. Whompity whomp.

I wanted to showcase my outfit which is a beautiful beautiful teal dress that I found at Target. Do any of you see something that you love, but tell yourself not to buy it, but you can't stop thinking about it?? That is me ALL the time...ALL ALL ALL the time (yes, I'm working on it, hehe).

The dress on the left is the dress that stole my heart. I saw it as I was leaving the checkout line.Holy canoly! Isn't it gorgeous?! I had to snap a picture so that I could forever remember the beauty that is this dress. Of course, I could not get it out of my mind. I looked it up on the Target website. It was $24.99. Not a bad deal, right? I convinced myself that I didn't need it. Days went by and I couldn't stop wanting (needing) that dress. One day, after hanging out with a girlfriend, she, without much effort, convinced me to end this longing for the dress and go get it! We drove to two different Targets in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles to find my size. Lo and behold! There it was! I bought the teal dress. As beautiful as the pink is, the color did not compliment my skin tone.

Now here is me flaunting the dress. I know, I know. I look silly, I look stupid, but HEY! WE ALL DO IT, DON'T WE? Admit it. ;] Gray and white blazer on top, nude kitten heels down below.
I love the dress! It's very "Stepford wife" which I'm starting to realize is very much my style when it comes to dresses...Oh well :D

Here is my creepy eye make up shot. I used the palette below from Urban Decay. It's an old palette that I bought over the Black Friday sale at Ulta. It was $10. What a steal!

Picture source: Ebay 
The palette is called Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box. It came out a few years ago so the price has gone significantly down. I bought because it was only $10 and I thought Why not? When I first got in it in the mail, I was freaking out just a bit. The pigmentation on the vibrant colors is (to be redundant) vibrantly pigmented. However, I learned to use it lightly, build, and blend. It is currently my go-to palette for soft neutral looks with a pop of color. 

There are two lessons to be learned in this post:
1)  If you like something and if it's reasonably priced, BUY IT then and there. Sure enough, someone else liked it just as bad as you did and grabbed it instantly causing you to drive all around town to find it. 
2) Try something out of your comfort zone. It just might end up being a beautiful thing ;]


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