Sunday, March 30, 2014

As Seen On YouTube: Two-Strand Braid

It is ridiculously awesome and crazy how technology and social media have evolved in the new millenium. The phrase "Google it" is used on the daily, every hour, and even possibly every minute by someone somewhere.

The internet has created a new way to be resourceful. YouTube is no exception. Want to learn how do something? "YouTube it." This phrase is the new "Google it" for how-to's.  I, myself, am probably one of YouTube's biggest fans. My friends say I talk about YouTube so much, I should be getting hear that, YouTube?! I should be getting paid! I wish... :D

One of my current favorite go-to hairstyles is the 2-strand braid. I learned this from Nee whose channel is bebexo. I absolutely love her videos! They're short, straight to the point, easy to follow, and are creative. Thank you, Nee, for giving me new ideas for hairstyles!

Please, please check out her tutorial for this hairstyle below. And while you're at it, go ahead and check out her channel. She has lots of great ideas for any occasion! 


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