Tuesday, June 7, 2016

30th Birthday Diaries: My 30th Birthday!

So it happened, ladies (and gentleman)!

I made it to three decades!

I am now the big 3-0, the dirty 30, the thirsty 30, the flirty 30!

And how does it feel?

Not very different from 29....at least not yet :)

I had my birthday at a sushi spot in Santa Monica. My friend is a resident DJ there and was able to reserve us the VIP patio for my party.

It was a very chill, mellow party as my friends are more mellow than not. 

Here are some photos of me getting ready, me at my party, and a party favor I made for my guests. I also had games and prizes :)

Getting ready :)
Don't mind boyfriend's dirty mirror. It kind of gives a natural space galaxy filter, right?

Eyes done. I did a smoky eye

Make up done. Time to curl hair
I love this photo. The dirt on the mirror makes me look like I'm in some kind of constellation


I know I'm not Kim K, but I really have been digging her style of longsleeve, long dresses. I wanted something sexy, but elegant and a little conservative. I wanted by thirty to be sophisticated, not like a 21 year old going to Vegas. I've done the short body con dresses in my younger years. I must admit, I wear them from time to time, but for the big 3-0, I wanted something a little more conservatively elegant.

I am ultimately happy with my outfit and look. Many asked me, "aren't you going to be hot?" I was worried at first, but knew that I would be okay. The VIP patio was outside and the venue was in Santa Monica which is near the beach. Beach cities are pretty cooler than inland cities because they are by the coast. And weirdly enough, Los Angeles has had some funky weird May weather - super chilly for May. Turned out, my party night was pretty chilly and we even asked for two heat lamps :)

Party favors - candy
"Roses are red
Violets are blue
I had a beary sweet time 
Celebrating with you
Can you tell I really love bears?

I had a beautiful birthday spent with loved ones. It was a beautiful night with beautiful people. I am ever so grateful for each and every person who was able to come and for those who were unable to attend. 

The best thing about next day party/done up hair?
The curls! LOVE <3

So far, 30 has been great to me. I cannot wait for what the rest of the year has to offer me.


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  1. Happy Belated my dear!! You definitely looking gorgeous with the make up, hair and that black dress! I hope that you are having fun on your BIG day!!