Friday, August 1, 2014

Product Fail: Sally Hansen Color Foil

In my previous haul blog, I raved about the Sally Hansen Color Foil nail polish. I wrote about how I didn't understand why it received such poor reviews online...then the next day, it all became too clear. My nails were chipped!

Some of you may not think that's too bad. This picture was taken Wednesday morning. I did my nails late Monday night. My nails do NOT chip this fast...ever! Even when I use cheaper 99cents nail polish. 

Reviews online said that nails chipped the next day. I have to agree. I had the nails on for one full day only. This is sad. If you've seen a few of my previous blog posts, you would know that I am a nails fiend and love doing my nails.

This polish retails for $8 - $9. I can't believe a nail polish as expensive as this did not last me more than a day. Rite Aid offered 40% this nail polish when I purchased it. Had I paid the full price, I probably would have returned it.

It even cleans off funky too. Haha. Gross. It looks like brassy funk.

The foil finish is beautiful, but I really don't think it's worth buying at that price. I suppose it's great if you do it the day of a special event. It does dry fast, but still...the total wear time. No way, Jose!

Have you tried the polish? Please tell me your story!


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