Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mini Drugstore Haul: Nails, Lips, & Face

So I broke the promise that I made to myself  to 1) Not buy nail polish as I have a good number already and 2) not to buy anything lippie related because I have become a lipstick hoarder! GAHHH

I just couldn't resist #Fail

And this is why...

Sally Hansen: Color Foil in Liquid Gold
Retails for $8-9
Purchase price: $4.79

I first heard of this nail polish from YouTube's saaammage's New Releases Collective Haul video. Ever since then, I knew I had to get them in my possession! I've been searching for them at drug stores since I saw her video in June. I recently found them 2 weeks ago.

To give me some credit, when I first found them at my Rite Aid, I did NOT buy them. I almost did. I grabbed a bottle and walked around with it for about half an hour then I put it back. They were $7.99 a pop. To me, that's quite expensive for nail polish. I'm pretty frugal with my nail polish just because nails chip! Thankfully, they were 40% off. I can't feel guilty if it's on sale ;)

The big question is...IS IT WORTH IT??

Excuse the multiple angles of my nails, but it's really hard to capture the beauty that is the foil!!! My pictures are not really that great to begin with (hey, I'm learning!) and trying to capture the beauty in a photo was quite the challenge.

I love them and I wish I could go crazy and buy more. If the sale is still going on, I will definitely pick up either the blue or purple shade...so pretty!!

I'm surprised that the nail polish did not have great reviews on Ulta. The biggest complaint was that nails chip after one day. I'm one day in and my nails are still looking great. I do put nail polish on the nail tips to prolong the wear. My only con is that it does not always apply an even coat. 

RETRACTION: Please read my updated thoughts on this nail polish here.

Jordana Easyliner in Tawny
Retail purchase price: $2.29

This is one of the most raved about drugstore lip liners on YouTube. The Walgreens stores near me never have them in stock...they are THAT popular. I finally found this in a Walgreens in an Orange County suburb. And no, I did not go there just for the lip liner. I happened to be in the area after visiting a friend. Since the liners were available right there in front of me, I just had to jump on that Tawny train.

Left: Liner in Tawny
Right: Balm stain in Honey Love

I was originally looking for the Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in Honey Love. This is also a popular color that I can't find in my area - Los Angeles mid-city. See my lip swatch of Honey Love here. The balm stain was $3.29 (depending on where you go, it may be cheaper).

So far, I love both. After all, I was on the hunt for the balm stain. 

(picture credit: CVS.com)
L'Oreal Collagen Moisture Filler
Retails for $16.99
Purchase price: $13.59

Last, but not least, I bought a moisturizer from L'Oreal. It is the Collagen Moisture Filler. I usually get the Revitalift, but I wanted to try something different. One of the claims that sold me on this was that it is supposedly non-greasy. The Revitalift is great, but it does leave my skin feeling sticky and I hate that!

This moisturizer does feel a little sticky at first, but not bothersome at all. Once the product seeps into my skin, my skin is soft and smooth. This product also received half a rating higher than the Revitalift. I shall see how this works out for me. I am hoping that it does! This product is a few dollars cheaper than the Revitalift. I would not mind saving a few bucks every time I repurchase. 

That's my mini collection haul. I hope you enjoyed it....and if you're a Rite Aid shopaholic like me (I swear, Rite Aid is my new Target and it's so bad that it's two blocks from home!), you should definitely sign up for Rite Aid Wellness + Rewards Card. Your bank account will thank you for it!!


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