Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hair: 3 Chainz

Summer is THE season for hair accessories - headbands, flowers, name it! 
When I found this piece on Amazon, I just knew I had to have it! I mean, just look at it!! The leaves scream Grecian goddess to me and I must admit, I love the Grecian style for summer and pretty much all year round if I could pull it off.

( photo credit: Amazon )

I bought this hair pin in early spring. It took forever (17 - 28 days) to come as it shipped from Hong Kong for free. It was definitely worth the wait! And you know what, you kind of forget that it's coming and when it finally does, it feels like a surprise in the mail :)

It's definitely as beautiful as it looks. I did need help putting it on. I struggled doing it independently and just couldn't get it right. That's definitely a major con, but it is a con I can live with. The other con would probably be that the 3 chains can get tangled, but not too bad as layered necklaces. Remember when layered necklaces were totally in fashion? Mine would get so badly tangled!!

This was my hairdo one week ago before I cut my hair and retouched up the color. See my new do here. Excuse my cray cray bun and flying hair pieces. 

I love the 3 chains and the leaf-combs. It's edgy, eye catching, feminine, and bedazzling all at once. I wore it to work and got many compliments. It stands out enough to be a fashion statement, but it's subtle enough to be work appropriate. 

I can't wait to get more use out of this! I LOVE it!! I also want to find more hair accessories to rock for the rest of summer.

Happy summer everyone! And don't be afraid to bedazzle your hair :)



  1. I've never seen this before and I love it! I'm (almost) able to put my hair up again since it's growing out. I'll have to try this :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!