Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shoes Haul!

Shoes are definitely at the bottom of my priority shop list. Despite the fact that I needed new shoes (oooh, I wear shoes til there's holes in them!) for almost a year now, I just don't buy them! I'd love to go wild and buy an immense supply, but I get more excited to purchase (in this order): FOOD, accessories, makeup, hair products, clothes...and then finally shoes. 

I recently finished paying off all of my school loans, and initially, I was just going to treat myself to an ice cream cone (I live on the edge, don't I?!) with my first paycheck post-loans. My family and my friends encouraged me to celebrate a little...and so I did. 

I called my first paycheck after paying off my loans my PLAYcheck. For the first time in a loooong time, the majority of the money was for me to keep and save. I gave myself a budget and went on a shopping spree!!

I just want to make a disclaimer! The shoes I buy are mostly for work. The older I get, the more versatile I try to make my wardrobe. Spend less by buying things I can wear to work and in my personal life. LOL. I'm such an "old" lady. Since I do a lot of walking for work, I opt for comfortable shoes.

Here are the shoes I purchased:

Mad Love Lynnae Crochet Loafers, $19.99 from Target.
I love how these look! I love that they're off-white because I am certain that if they were straight-up white, they'd be off-white in a day! I love the femininity and texture contrast that the crochet brings to the shoes.  I love that the shoes are dainty and fit so well with summer. I love the overlapping of fabric to add intricacy to the simplicity of the design.....and they are so work appropriate!
**CON: I've only worn them once to work, but they hurt my feet by mid-day. They hurt on both outer edges of my feet, on that bone right by the pinky toe. I'm going to put a band-aid in that spot as I break it in. Hopefully, breaking-in is all these shoes need because they are just too cute to not be able to wear!

Report, $16.99 from Ross
I've been debating on a pair of shoes like this for a while. I love how the style, but I just can't stand putting them on! I love the easiness of flats in which you just slip it on, slip it off. Shoes like this take effort! And since I'm Asian, it's pretty custom to take your shoes off when entering Asian homes. This is really annoying to bend down or lift my foot to take them off. Then when I come with a group or leave with a group, they're just standing there waiting for me as I try to rush, but rushing only makes me take longer.  LOL #FirstWorldProblems Silly rant over. 

As I get older, I have been digging the pointed toe. I love the ladylike-ness that the snakeskin print gives to the shoes. AND THE GOLD!! I have been into gold lately, and more specifically, gold detailing against black or white backgrounds. LOVE! I love everything about the gold in this pair from the zipper to the studs. The gold detailing give the shoes a bit of an edge and a pop of pizzazz and you can never really go wrong with pizzazz. 

It was a little awkward wearing them just because I wore them with bare feet. For the past 3 years, I've worn ballet flats with ballet socks. Check out my current favorite socks here. It was weird and it will need some getting used to!

Bamboo, $13.99 from Ross
Stepping into these shoes are like stepping onto pillows!! Everything about this pair is soft!! This is probably one of the few shoes that do NOT need breaking in. That is always a plus. 

This is the most vibrant pair of shoes I have worn in a while. Today was the first day I wore them and I received compliments left and right. They are definitely a hit. In the sun, they glistened and shimmered. I was a walking disco ball. It was pretty awesome :)

These are shoes that I cannot wear with socks either. It was a lot less awkward for me to wear these shoes bare footed. I'm guessing the immense comfort of the shoes overrode the fact that I did not have socks.

These are the shoes I bought. You probably won't be seeing another shoe haul for a long while. But I must admit, it was a lot of fun :) My next shoe haul may come sooner than expected ;)

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