Sunday, July 13, 2014

Freedom Party: CSUN Edition

This past June, I sent in my final payment for my graduate school loan. I am officially DEBT FREE and it feels quite dandy. Since I love any excuse for a party, I decided to throw myself a party called "Freedom Party: CSUN Edition" as CSUN in the school I attended for my masters.

I just love parties. I love organizing and hosting! I definitely enjoy putting together party favors. They are probably the thing I look most forward to in hosting a party! My party isn't meant to show off by any means. It's more of a celebration of finishing off my loans and being released from the ball and chain of the Department of Education. It's about honoring my friends, family and colleagues who have cheered me on and supported me along the way. It's about celebrating with the people that are rooting for me. I would do the same for them in whatever their triumph would be. 

CSUN's colors are red, white and black. For me, it is a must to incorporate the school colors in the color scheme of my party. When I had my Freedom Party: UCLA Edition in February, my color scheme was blue and yellow. 

Here are just snapshots of some of the party favors:

It's a must for my guest to wear party hats! I attached red, white and black string to the tops

Chocolate covered strawberries drizzled with white chocolate: again, red, white and black

I braided red, white and black string

I used to braided string to attach a little thank you card to the little white and black polka dot bag I put the strawberry in

I was very pressed for time in organizing my favors due to my crazy work schedule. I even finished assembling my party favor bags right before my party so I was unable to take final pictures of the complete package. 

In red gift bags, I included silver tissue paper, a small black and white polka dot bag with a chocolate covered strawberry inside that was tied by the braided string and thank you card, a chocolate chip walnut cookie, and black mardi gras beads. Each bag had a white ribbon on the outside. 

I'm very excited for the next party to host :) I just need another excuse for a party :)



  1. love the strawberries :) hugs

  2. Strawberries looks so delicious!

  3. Looks like the party went amazing! I always get so nervous with hosting stuff!

    xo, N

  4. Awesome idea! the party looks like fun :) Congrats on being debt free! that must feel good. You did such an amazing job as hostess, those strawberries look incredible!! xx

    Thrive on Novelty

  5. i need more chocolate covered strawberries in my life, now I can see it.

  6. Very cool post! I am going to CSUN soon how exciting! Glad you are debt free! Those strawberries look amazing :)
    New post is up check it out :)

  7. Looks good, especially those strawberries ;)