Friday, August 1, 2014

RIP Sigma F80

Essential Kit - Mr. Bunny

Case that comes with kit

Kabuki F80
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Nearly two years ago, I purchased my first real set of high end brushes from...dun dun dun...SIGMA - one of the most (if not THE most) talked about makeup brushes on YouTube. 

And I understand why! I love my Sigma brushes. They're sturdy. They're dense. They're soft. They're whatever they're meant to be. They're amazing and I love them.

My most used brush, the Sigma F80 Flatop Kabuki, was an additional purchase as it did not come with the set. I used the F80 to buff in my tinted moisturizer and foundation (when I actually wear foundation). I also use it to blend my concealer underneath my eyes.

This brush is nearing its deathbed. 

This big ol' chunk plopped right out. Days before this came out, I noticed a few random brush hairs on my face whenever I used it. Then eventually, a good chunk just stood up high and marched on out...well, not literally, but it was donezo! 

Is this normal?? Have any of my Sigma users experienced the same thing?

I am definitely saddened by the near death of my brush, but the show must go on! I'm not ready to let go of my brush. The remaining hairs are looser of course as a chunk of it is gone. However, I continue to use it until its final day...or until I get myself to an Ulta or Sephora. LOL.

I've been hearing good things about Real Techniques and Japonesque.

Decisions decisions...



  1. When I get a chance....I want to invest in some good brush. May have to look into this set. Looking forward to reading about your new set.

  2. I love Sigma brushes! Such great quality without paying crazy MAC prices!

    xo, N

  3. Oreally?? I need to check them out! I've been using my tired ol' Mac brushes from 2thousand and late! Time to upgrade!

    Thank you for the blog visit babe, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. i have a sigma dupe that i got from tmart and my sister has the sigma f80 and seriously, same feels and ease of application. i love the sigma dupe more than my RT buffing brush. i dont think you'll like the buffing brush compared to the sigma one. just try the dupe and if you dont like it, go straight to another sigma f80!

    1. what's the dupe? i'll look into it. thanks :)

    2. ohhh tmart is the brand...i thought tmart was the store you bought it from. we have a kmart (store) here in the US so i thought tmart was your version. LOL. thank you! :D