Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ulta Haul: First-Time Products

Interesting fact about me: As much as I love makeup, beauty, and all that jazz, I am very wary of trying new face products in fear of a massive breakout...

HOWEVER, in my last trip to Ulta, I bought three never-tried-before face products. Look at me living on the edge...kinda...LOL

Rimmel London 
Fix & Perfect Pro Primer

I know, I know. I'm late to jump on this bandwagon, but I have always stayed away from primers because I did not want to add one more product to my face. When it comes to makeup, I want less on my face and more on my eyes and lips. Bold eyes are more my style. 

As I get older and as it gets hotter in our Los Angeles summer (we're going through a heatwave right now), my skin tends to get oilier faster. I know there's a Stay Matte primer, but I opted for the Fix & Perfect because I do want some fresh faced dewiness. 

I shall keep you posted on how it works out for me :)

L'Oreal Paris
Revitalift Eye Cream Moisturizer

Okay, so this isn't exactly living on the edge. I do have the regular Revitalift Moisturizer. I purchased this after reading an online article (I know, great source, lol) that said women in their mid 20s should start an anti-aging regimen. Whether this is legit or not, it prompted me to do the same. 

My mom is also a big fan of anti-aging products. Maybe I inherited it from her. When I was in high school, she bought me Estee Lauder's DayWear moisturizer which helped with anti-aging. Like mother, like daughter?

I've been using it for a week and have not noticed a difference yet. It feels like the regular moisturizer. I suppose knowing that it has a purpose is comforting enough to me at this point. 

The POREfessional Mini

To be honest, I didn't know what pores were until I noticed them on my ex-boyfriend's face two years ago. Haha. Then I saw them on my own face on a small patch of my cheeks by my nose. My pores, thankfully, are not big, but you can still see them when you look closely. 

I decided to try this out. I think it works? I always forget to use it and I'm not sure if it makes a big difference for me, perhaps my pores are not too big? Maybe I should try it on my ex. LOL. 

Eco Tools 
Skin Perfecting Brush

In my RIP Sigma post, I talked about my favorite face brush - Sigma F80 - being on its deathbed. Hairs were falling out in chunks. 

I decided to buy something much cheaper. I did my research and found that the Eco Tools brand was a good set and also good for the environment. So why not? The description read that it was good for BB/CC creams and tinted moisturizers, which I use on a daily basis when I step out of my home. 

My verdict: It's okay. It does get the job done. Cons: It is quite prickly which makes a smooth buffing motion difficult.

Sally Hansen
Miracle Gel in Street Flair

If you know me, I am a sucker for nail polish and even bigger sucker for muted purples. I heard great things about this nail polish and decided to give it a go. 

My verdict: LOVE! I only wore it for 3 days (instead of the usual 5 - 6) before taking it off. It was smooth and stuck on strong. I hear the Miracle Top coat does wonders to it. I'm thinking of trying that too because Ulta does sell them in a duo of a gel nail polish and top coat. I almost bought the set in store but I did not like the color in the duo. 

I just love Ulta and any makeup store really. What's going to kill my wallet is that Ulta is having a 21 Days of Beauty sales events. OH ULTA. WHYYYY +ULTA Beauty <3 



  1. I'd love to know what you think of the Fix & Perfect Pro Primer! I've run out of primer and am thinking of trying a new one :) xx

    Thrive on Novelty

  2. you finally got the primer! :)