Sunday, August 17, 2014

Song of the Moment: Hawaiian Reggae

                            Rebel Souljahz - "Nothing to Hide"

In college, I was able to take my very last class through a travel study program. I spent 5 unforgettable weeks studying in Hawaii (sounds like heaven, right? It was!) During my time there, I fell in love with a whole new genre of music I did not know existed: Hawaiian reggae.

Yes, yes, most, if not all, of us have heard of reggae. The first thing we think of when we hear "reggae" is Bob Marley. This isn't a bad thing at all. He's a legend, no doubt. There is definitely different styles of reggae which is influenced from the region it stems from and of course by the inspiration of other artists. 

Hawaiian reggae incorporates the Hawaiian instrument the ukelele. Just like the Hawaiian dance the hula, Hawaiian reggae tells a story. It is soft. It is sweet. It is romantic. It is laid back and easygoing. It celebrates a real love for the people, for the land and the culture. Their love songs celebrate love of the soul, the person, the natural beauty and not just the physical - sex, boobs, and booty which are go-to topics for mainstream hits in America.

Hawaiian reggae is the true definition of "feel good music." You cannot help but sway to the rhythm, singing and humming along. It's beautiful music. And it's actually about the music. The artists do not have the typical appearance of mainstream stars. But in this genre, it doesn't matter what you look like. It's about the music, the words, the story, the talent.

Rebel Souljahz's song is my current song of the moment. The piano in the beginning is just beautiful. The lyrics even more sweet. Give it a chance and tell me if you found yourself grooving to the beat.

If you want to hear a song that incorporates ukelele, listen to the song below. It's a bit more fast-paced and upbeat. Definitely a beautiful song and one of my favorites.

Three Plus - "Honey Baby"

I definitely hope you enjoyed the songs above. Please let me know what songs you are loving at the moment. 

Mahalo <3



  1. Lovely songs - thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love feel good music like this! Music always makes things better :) xx

  3. Lovely songs, thanks for sharing :) x