Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nails Nails Nails: Gallery of Past Designs

I think 2011 was the year I became obsessed with doing my nails. I was becoming more and more obsessed with beauty blogs, YouTube tutorials, and Pinterest. Oh social media, the things you do to me!

I decided to just showcase my nails from seasons past. The great thing about blogs is that you have an online record/diary of everything you do and choose to post. As you can see, I rarely do monotone colored nails anymore. I need some type of design. Very rarely (usually when I don't have time) do I just do one full color sans design.

Here goes it!

*Disclaimer: Please don't mind the poor lighting and amateur clean up. I am only just a beginner :) And sorry for the sudden influx of photos :) All products that I can remember are mentioned.

I did these nails for the UCLA v. CAL football game last week (UCLA won!). Products used from left to right: Revlon Multi Care Base+Top Coat, Revlon in 020 Pure Pearl,  Forever 21 Marina, Elf Golden Goddess, and Wet n Wild 236C Silvivor

 I found the Loreal Limited Edition Diamond Collection nail stickers on clearance so I bought two: one black and one gold. I used the black one on top of Sinful Collections 857 Bianca. I used the gold stickers on a Wet n Wild nail polish. I used Butter London's Nail Foundation as the base coat. LOVE

These nails are inspired by a design that I came across on Pinterest. As you can tell, I modified it and added a Peter Pan collar on the the thumb nail

These nails were also inspired by a design that I found on Pinterest. I used Sinful Colors in 857 Bianca mixed with a white nail polish also by Sinful Colors

Sorry for the poor lighting. This is another Pinterest inspired manicure

And yet, another Pinterest inspired manicure. I wore this the week of Valentine's Day in 2012

Simple blue and gold diagonal

This was my go to look when I worked in a very [unstructured] structured facility. Nails had to be less flashy. Since I just couldn't do nails without flash, I did these more subtle decor

These nails are inspired by after seeing Google images of "baby shower." As the caption reads, the nails were done in honor of my baby nephew

I was obsessed with bows at one point

 I did these nails for my former co-intern's wedding 

Nails for the Olympics. Go Philippines! :D

The beginning of my nail bow obsession

Lupus Awareness themed nails

This is the only nail that came out decent! HAHA :D And this is the first of my nail art obsession

I know I added a lot of photos in there, but I do hope you enjoy. I make no claims to be fantastic at nail art. I simply enjoy doing my nails and playing around with different designs. I find it quite therapeutic.

Show me your nail art. I'd love to see it and be inspired!


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