Sunday, October 13, 2013

UCLA Game Day Makeup

Good morning!

It's a chilly Sunday morning in Los Angeles. Summer has definitely left the building, but it is supposed to warm up just a bit this week. A mini heat wave with chilly mornings.

Last night, I went to the UCLA vs. CAL football game. UCLA won with 37 points to CAL's 10! OH YEAAAH. UCLA is now on a 5 - 0 streak. Bruins of my generation (I was class of 2008) know that this is a moment to be relished and celebrated!

(Yes, I have a Hello Kitty browser)

Now for the actual reason I wanted to write this post (see how easily I get sidetracked? Tsk tsk). I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching YouTube videos, specifically those makeup tutorials. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting better at creating a smokey eye and other makeup looks. 
I don't wear eye shadow on the daily, but I do love occasions to do so such as sporting events! It's an opportunity to be festive and use makeup to support my team! Because the UCLA colors are blue and gold, I wanted to incorporate blue shadow into my look. 

I YouTube'd "daytime blue eyeshadow" and came across Annie Jaffrey's video Blue Liner Babydoll Makeup Tutorial.  She is so beautiful and explains the steps so well! I decided to give it a try. Check her out. She is totally awesome! Her YouTube channel is AnnieJaffrey

I attempted the look with a slight modification. Since I am going to a football game, I did a less a dramatic wing. I wanted to look festive, but not too dolled up.  So thank you, Annie Jaffrey, for the inspiration!

This is what I came up with. The top picture is all Annie Jaffrey. I did a screen shot of her tutorial video from YouTube. The bottom three is my recreation. 
I don't want to toot my own horn, but I would say I did a pretty good job! Obviously not as amazing as Annie's, but it's not bad :D I'm getting better at this makeup thing.

Stay tuned for future recreations and just to see how my makeup skills are progressing :D

On a final note, GO BRUINS!


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  1. really good :) pretty!