Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween 2013: Minnie Mouse


I have never really liked Halloween. Even when  I was a kid, I never cared about dressing up. I only dressed up when school "made" us wear costumes for parades or whatnot. I'm quite the chicken and don't like scary things so I was never interested in the spookiness of Halloween. Year after year I was either Thumbelina or some type of princess wearing a dainty dress with a load of tool. There was one year, however, when  I was a pirate, but that was a hand me down from my older sister.

For some reason, after a breakup with a longtime boyfriend in 2011, I started to grow a liking towards Halloween. Part of it was a reinvention thing but more so my just ever increasing fascination for anything beauty related. In 2011, I was Miss Philippines and in 2012, I was a poor imitation of Peter Pan. That year, I wore black leggings, wide-brimmed booties, and an off the shoulder green shirt. See, poor imitation.

This year, I decided to up my game a bit. Halloween is still one of my least favorite holidays and I am still not big on costumes, but it is an opportunity to play with makeup. I strive to look as normal as possible while playing with and enhancing makeup.

This year, I decided to be Minnie Mouse! The idea came to me when my cousin bought me Minnie Mouse clip-on ears from Disneyland. She and her boyfriend were visiting the US from Canada and Disneyland was one of their must-sees. The moment she gave the clip-on Minnie ears to me, I immediately became inspired for Halloween. And this was in July! My old self would look at my new Halloween-liking self and ask, "Who are you?!"

For my Minnie Mouse ensemble, NOTHING was bought! You can most definitely do Halloween for cheap or for absolutely nothing. I wore a causal red dress that I bought at JC Penny about 5 years ago, tights that I had from who knows when, a belt from a gray dress purchased in 2010, and wide-brimmed booties that I bought at Papaya in 2010. And of course, the ears were a gift from my cousin. 
 My "costume." Excuse the funky face I was making

Now for the fun part - the MAKEUP!
 I love dramatic eyes. Any opportunity to wear lashes and a smokey eye, I will take it!
(Excuse the cray cray brows. I was growing them out to have them reshaped...which I did today!)

 My eye make up. I am so proud of it! Not to toot my own horn, but I'm getting better at this eyeshadow thing. It takes a LOT of practicing (and blending), but it DOES get easier.

I received these sample eyeshadows from Sigma when I purchased $30+ worth of products. I really like them! They were a bit powdery but I'm not sure if that's because of the sample packaging. 
Foundation: Makeup Forever HD Foundation in N127
Undereye Concealer: L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon W 1-2-3
Power: Revlon Colorstay in Light Medium
Brows: ELF brow kit in medium
Blush: Milani Pink Craze
Inner corner:  Sigma - Elope
Lid: Sigma - Gimp
Crease/Lower lashline: Sigma- Elysees
Outer corner/V: MAC Typographic
Eyeliner: Sephora Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Mascara: Maybelline Volume Express Falsies in Blackest Black
Lashes: from Daiso, a Japanese $1.50 store
Nose: Wet n Wild brow pencil in Black Black, MAC Typographic, Sephora Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Lips: Wet n Wild Wine Room
My other favorite: NAILS!
 My Minnie inspired nails. Just dots and bows

Base coat: Revlon
Red: NYC Big Apple Read
White: Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Tools: Toothpick for the bow and bobby pin head for the dots


So I may not have the same Halloween spirit as other more festive Halloweeners, but I am sure warming up to it. Whether or not you're a fan of Halloween, I wish you a wonderful and safe night. If you're walking the streets, always have a buddy and watch out for cars. If you're driving on Halloween night, please be wary of trick or treaters. 


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