Monday, January 2, 2017

Fall 2016 Favorites

AHHH. Happy New Year!! I know this post is way overdue. I had started this post right before Fall ended and am now posting it in 2017. I guess that is life! It moves quick!

I feel like every year zooms on by quicker and quicker. Like chillax time. Why you such in a rush?

I'm 30 now. Slow down. LOL.

Just as with every season, we fall in love with new things and old things. Sometimes, all things. LOL.

Here are what stole my heart this Fall:


I had hauled this in a post in early October. I purchased it during Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty. It was originally $24 and sold as beauty steal at $10. GAH! I hate that I love it. Mascara should not be more than $10. Ugh. 

I really love how it makes my lashes look. I naturally have long,curled lashes (don't hate me). The mascara helps my lashes to fan out. Love it. 


I got this beauty as a birthday gift this past May. I didn't really use it until this Fall. I don't know why I waited so long. I love it! I love playing with eye shadow looks and using fun colors from time to time, but I do love a natural smokey eye. You can never go wrong with neutral colors. You can go natural or va va voom!

The packaging is pretty with a sturdy tin case. The only down fall is that the product itself is pretty heavy. Small, compact size for traveling but it definitely has some weight to it.


When I went to Las Vegas on Thankgiving, I realized I had left my makeup brushes at home. The first time I didn't make a packing list, I forgot something. That's why lists work! >_< I did not want to spend loads of money on brushes because I had perfectly find brushes at home. 

I went to the drugstore CVS to hunt for some cheapie finds. AND DANG! They were expensive. Why are they in the drugstore?! Brushes were $12-15/piece. I decided to bite the bullet and grabbed the essentials - foundation brush, powder brush, and blush/contour brush. Oy my wallet. 

I walked towards that cashier register and found e.l.f. Oh thank the Lord! We all know e.l.f. is affordable. I grabbed the essentials I needed from the studio line which was $5/piece. This angled blush brush was my favorite. It is the best for contouring. It's so much better than my expensive Sigma contouring brush. 

I will use this brush now for contouring. It really just adds that chiseled affect to my super found shapeless face. 


Holy freakin' cow! This is the best top coat I have ever experienced. This is something I would have never purchased if it was not for a sale. This retails for $10. Ugh excuse me? No.

Ulta had a sale on China Glaze for 2 for $12 and decided to give it a go.

I hope I don't jinx it by saying this, but that picture was taken on day 6 of having those nails. DAY 6. There is no chippiness anywhere!! The only downside is the very very strong chemical smell. Yeek. 

I am probably going to end up splurging on this top coat from now on. It is amazing. Amazing! Amazing!!!


This a random favorite, but I just had to share! In Mar Vista Los Angeles, there is a farmers market every Sunday that a friend and I attend as often as we can. She lives a lucky two blocks from there. The market is very family friendly with fresh produce, baked goods, flowers and lots of great eats to choose from.

All summer, I've been eyeing this half load of roasted garlic bread and finally decided to pick it up. It's not the garlic bread that has been buttered up. The bread has garlic pieces baked into it. AH! DELICIOUS. If you know me and know how I cook, I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some garlic. Recipe asks for 2 cloves of garlic, I'll put 4 or 5. Yeah, that's how I do. No shame in my game ;)

After I purchased the bread I walked by this stand with samples of pesto on small pieces of bread. I tried several. HA. And I loved the pesto habanero. I do love my spicy. I knew right then and there that the spicy pesto would go so well with the garlic bread. AND LET ME TELL YOU. The taste was a match made in heaven <3 I also tried the pesto on pasta. Delicious too.


Fall is not fall without pumpkin. This smells like sweet (but not overly) sweet deliciousness.


This purse! I have no been in love with a purse for a really long time. I have purses and use them daily but I am not really in love with a purse. I buy cheapies because I get sick of them quickly and just kind of throw them around.

I was in search of a new weekend purse. Something small but yet big enough to hold my essentials - wallet, phone, hand sanitizer, lotion, mints, chapstick and lipstick. 

I found this bad boy which is simple yet edgy at the same time. It's black with gold studs lining the edges. It has a metal tassel that makes noise when I walk. I sometimes think someone is following me and realize it's just me. LOL. Sometimes it's annoying when I am in a rush. It's easily removable but I do love it.

The best thing about this purse is the price. $16.99 at Ross. Oh yeaaaaah...

( credit : )

I am not a big TV watcher at all and I wasn't a Netflix watcher until I found out Fuller House was coming out on Netflix. I borrowed my brother's account just so I can watch it. LOL.

Then in early November, I got reallllly sick. I was sick for 2.5 weeks with a upper respiratory infection. The first week I was on and off work. The second week, I was bed-ridden. And in my sick days, I decided to watch shows that were popular.

I found myself watching Orange is the New Black and holy freakin' cow! ADDICTION.

I was trying to finish all four seasons by the time Fuller House 2 started on December 9. LOL. 


At the expense of my sleep though. Whomp. My addiction and race against the clock had me sleeping at 2 in the morning. I would come to work dysfunctional and groggy. It was awful. Eventually I learned to better manage my Netflix time. LOL.

Well, those were my favorites of the fall 2016 season which came and gone.

Now that it is winter, I am already falling in love with new products. 

I hope you have a wonderful 2017 filled with love, hope, health and all kinds of wealth.

Blessings be with you.


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