Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OOTN: Boho Hipster Grunge

Aloha there!

As we grow older, we evolve. Fashion is no exception. Our styles transform, we experiment.
The past few summers have been boho-inspired, which is definitely a popular summer trend. It's already November and I don't think I'm quite ready to give up the boho look just yet. 

Instead, I'm incorporating the boho look with a hipster grunge vibe. Now, that can mean a myriad of things to different people. But this is how it appears to me and this how I've been feeling fashion-wise lately. 

I recently purchased three bold print leggings which I probably would have not bought one season ago. I used to be such a plain Jane with simple (usually dark or neutral) colors. Wearing leggings that were NOT black was even a bit too much for me. Yes, I know. I'm cray. As I get older and more confident in my own skin, I want to try new styles and make myself rock them.

What do you think?!

From left to right:
1. Charlotte Russe. I got it for $5 in store. Sorry,  I couldn't find it online
2. Papaya Clothing. $9.99. I tried it on with a black peplum top. SO CUTE
3. Charlotte Russe. I got it for $5 in store though it says $12.99 online.

Here's how I styled the royal blue leggings:

 (Sorry for the messy room. My brother's room has the best natural lighting. I sneaked in when he was out. hehe)

My "elf" boots that I bought from Papaya Clothing 3+ years ago
 I bought this beautiful 3/4 sleeve top from Marshalls for $12.99. The lace detailing on the back and shoulders are absolutely gorgeous and feminine. I've seen similar tops like these worn by YouTube gurus such as Anna Saccone and ItsJudyTime.
This top from Papaya Clothing is similar, but the lace on mine blends in a bit better than this Papaya lace top.

This is the cardigan I am wearing from Papaya Clothing. Just like the online price shows, I bought this for $10 in stores. AND I LOVE this cardigan. I'm contemplating purchasing the white one.

My hat is from Forever 21, I think. I bought it a really long time ago. I believe I bought it in 2009.
This has been my style lately. I call it Boho Hipster Grunge. It's comfortable, it's edgy, and it's bolder than what I'm used to. As much as I hate letting go of my youth with each passing year, I am enjoying feeling more confident in my own skin and rocking whatever style that comes to mind. 

Life is too short. YOLO ;)


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