Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ulta Haul: Presents To Myself

The season of giving had come and go. I hope that in this past season of giving, you gave some gifts to yourself. You deserve a treat and should take advantage of good deals! I definitely did :)

I give Christmas presents to myself. All are from Ulta, my current and probably longlasting guilty pleasure.

Burberry Brit Sheer, $66
 It's official!! I finally purchased my first ever "big girl" perfume. I've been using Bath & Body Works' Sheer Freesia Body Splash since my early 20s. As much as I love the scent, it's a hassle to buy because it's only sold online. Second, body spray does not last the full day. I drench myself in it and can smell it on my clothes if I sniffed it, but other than that, it's like nothing happened.

I searched far and long for the "perfect" perfume. I wanted something light in fragrance and not overwhelming. This perfume does just that... the only downside is that the scent does not linger too strongly as the day passes. 

I do use it sparingly and on special occasions as it is pricier. I did get a good deal on this as I had $23 worth in Ulta points. Ulta was also having a promo in which you would get a $60 retail valued robe for free with a $40 fragrance purchase. 

PROS: Light, feminine scent; not overwhelming
CONS: Price; scent fades

Would I repurchase? More yes than no. I do want something to last all day. If I hear about a fragrance that does and I like it, I will consider that.

Hot Tools 1" Curling Iron 24K Gold, Original $49.99, sale $29.99
I am so happy with this purchase!!!! When I went to Florida in October, I curled my hair with my friend's Hot Tools Curling Iron...and holy cow. My curls were so voluminous (my hair was much longer back then). Though the curls did fall a bit throughout the day, it held most of its curls. The next day, my hair was still curly!! Usually, my next day curls make my hair look like bent hair. Not cute. 

I used my new wand (in Dark Pink) Tuesday night before bed. I did not use hairspray. I must admit that I was a bit nervous as to how my curls would look the next morning, especially since I was sleeping on them within minutes of doing them.

The next morning, I woke up to fresh bouncy curls. I was amazed. My curls lasted until Thursday and probably would have lasted until Friday when I washed my hair (sounds gross but my hair is really dry). I kept my hair in a funky top bun for most of Thursday and Friday. When I took my hair down Friday before my shower, the curls were still there but tampered with as I had my hair up. 

PROS: the color!, the deal, the heating range, long lasting curls, no hairspray needed
CONS: Length of actual heating section. I do wish it was a little longer, especially for when I grow my hair out

Would I repurchase? I would totally in the future. I keep hair tools for a long time, but I am so pleased with this brand that I would stick to it for future upgrades

Batiste Dry Shampoo Travel Size, $9.99
I do not feel bad about this purchase at all. My current Batiste (full size) is almost done and I needed a new one. I wanted to try other scents and this gives me the opportunity to do so.

I haven't used it yet, but I'm sure I will love it as I do love the full size.

Neutrogena T/Gel Original Formula Shampoo, $9.99
I first tried this out when I slept over at my friend's home. My friend had a mini selection of shampoo but I was drawn to this because it claims to help with dry scalp and dandruff. Previous hairdressers had commented on my scalp being flakey and that I needed a shampoo to target that. This shampoo has an unappealing smell, but thankfully it does not linger in the hair after washed. My hair also felt soft when it dried.

PROS: Targets dandruff-prone hair/scalps
CONS: Smell

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow, $6.99 BOGO 50%

(Bad to the Bronze, Barely Branded, Bold Gold, Inked in Pink)
Old news, yes, but new news to me! I've been eyeing these since they first hit the market but never allowed myself to get them until now! Since it was the holidays, I decided to treat myself :)

I have only used Bold Gold so far just to sweep across my lid as an easy shadow. I loved it! 

I'm sorry these swatches don't do the colors any justice. I'm trying to get better at this picture taking thing. 

I did want to show what it looked like many many hours later.
This picture was taken late at night (maybe 1am) the same day I did the swatches (around 2pm). The shadows were still intact! Granted, my arms do not get oily like my lids do, but I was just amazed by the staying power of this thing. 

I have yet to try it as an eyeshadow base, but I am really excited for the looks that I can come up with.

PROS: easy to use, great pigmentation, long lasting
CONS: none so far?

Did you get yourself anything for the holidays?


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  1. hi thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3 <3
    I got myself many cloths and fashion stuff, haha!
    Thinking to get myself a new sneakers soon.
    Love all your make up haul of the year =D