Monday, January 5, 2015

MCM and Song of The Moment

I feel really silly for putting this up but I can't help it! Nick Jonas is my first ever "Man Crush Monday" post. I've been digging the gospel version of his recent single "Jealous." It is definitely my song of the moment. I just had to give the guy some love,  

I just want to ask one thing!

When did this little Disney boy bander become a MAN?!  DANG!

He definitely grew up to be quite the head turner! Makes me feel like a cougar! Haha :P 

Enjoy :)

*Giggles like a school girl*



  1. i swear that SONG is STALKING ME! and I find myself singing it all the time!!!! and this is not even a kind of music i usually listen too hahaha

  2. I wasn't a fan at first but he won me over completely! #swooned ;)