Monday, January 26, 2015

Food Adventures: Asian, Mexican, and Ice Cream!


Just like most people, I love food. I love trying new food whether it be the latest hip-happenin' spot or a hole-in-the-wall. I just love food and I'll eat almost anything! If it's not a bug or moving, I will try it at least once! :)

I decided to start a little mini series of my food adventures. I'm one of those that post food pics on Instagram and look up food pics. I love food so much that I even enjoy staring at it. I do love food posts and decided to share my own adventure. 

Here are some of the yummies I've come across in the last few weeks:

BELLY & SNOUT (Koreatown, Los Angeles)
A fusion of east meets west, combining American favorites with Filpino favorites.

Pork Adobo Grilled Cheese
I encouraged Ben to NOT get this, but of course, men don't listen. The first few bites were okay, but the cheese was just way too creamy that, after a a few bites, it was a bit too much. Creamy cheese should be a good thing, I know...but the creamy in this sandwich was not working for me. A little disappointing as grilled cheese is one of my faves!

Sisig Hot Dog (most popular item on the menu)
This was pretty good...until I ate half. There's just some weird creamy texture that makes it no longer enjoyable and this texture disrupts the palette. 

How can I describe it? Have you ever had so much sushi that there's something about the texture and flavor that makes it challenging to go on? And then you need to eat a piece of ginger to refresh your palette? That's how I would describe the two items above. 

Would I go again? YES. Even though I don't give the two above 5 stars, I would like to try their Sisig tater tots or fries. 

I am very proud to see Filipino food up and coming. It's totally underrated and overlooked. I will definitely be supporting this fusion Filipino food restaurant! Thanks, Belly N Snout! :)

HOME RESTAURANT (Los Feliz *Hipster town*, Los Angeles)
Traditional American with dishes from across the borders

I've mentioned this before in a previous post, chilaquiles is one of my most favorite Mexican dishes. Nothing beats a homecooked chilaquiles meal, but there are some out there that are pretty good and this is one of them.

THE ORIGINAL RAMEN BURGER (Koreatown, Los Angeles)
A burger patty sandwiched between two ramen stacks with a secret shoyu sauce

Ramen burger with spicy sriracha macha
Very delicious. A little too saucy. Not spicy at all. It was actually sweet, reminiscent of teriyaki sauce. Inside is the patty, arugula, secret shoyu glaze, and sriracha macha (not sure what macha is). Totally a must try! I would go again and again and again! :)

CARMELA ICE CREAM AND SORBET (Beverly Grove/Miracle Mile, Los Angeles)
Garden-inspired flavors such as herbs and spice, flowers and seasonal fruit (description retrieved from their website). Won awards as best ice cream in Los Angeles in years past

Fresh mint with cacao nibs
I'm usually not a mint person unless when it comes to ice cream!! It was really good, but as I kept eating, the minty flavor subsided. It was still delicious and I would get it again. 

Other flavors I tried:
- Lavender honey (tasted like flowers!! and then a sweet kick of honey at the end)
- Champagne pear sorbet (taste like a cold, icey pear puree)
- Nutmeg (so that's what nutmeg tastes like!)

Hope you enjoyed my first installment of my Food Adventures :)

Are you hungry? I sure am!



  1. OMG...I have been wanting to try the Remen Burger for ages. It see I will have to go to California to get it. All these food look so darn good.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  2. The food are made me drooling about it!! Yummy!


  3. Looking at all these food pictures is making me hungry. Everything looks so delish.