Thursday, June 5, 2014

Little Tokyo Mini Haul: Lip Scrubs

Last Sunday, my friends and I celebrated one of my dearest friend's birthday! We eventually found our way to a cosmetics store in  Little Tokyo called Maneki Neko. The birthday girl wanted to check out the vast NYX collection that they had.

As for me, I was trying to be good. My credit card bill this month was equivalent to three months worth of my usual spending. I don't know how this happened, but it did. What's done is done and now I must be a penny pincher for quite some time!

While at Maneki Neko, I did stumble upon a few items that I could not pass up.

I purchased white nail polish by Nabi Color and two lip scrubs by Beauty Treats. Each were $1.50. What a steal!

Here's my quick review on each:
1. Nabi Color: It's great!! I love it so far. The formula is a little thicker than what I am used to, but not bad. The color is opaque! LOVE
2. Beauty Treats Lip Scrub. I only opened the Wild Apple one. I LOVE it too!! For $1.50, it does a great job. I woke up the next day with really soft pillowy lips. I was impressed!

Not too long ago, I purchased this Mally Beauty's Gentle Lip Scrub.
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These are my thoughts on the two lip scrubs:

PRICE: Mally Beauty is $15. Beauty Treats is $1.50. Need I say more?

PROCESS: You massage MB into your lips and that's it. You have to wash off BT. Before I go to bed, I like to use the lip scrub. I like how with MB, you put it on and don't worry about any extra steps. Since I have to wash off BT, it makes me wonder if there's too many foreign stuff in it. Over time, I got lazy and just wiped off BT with a cotton pad instead of using water. I do have to use my normal chapstick after wiping off BT since I rubbed off the product.

MOISTURE: MB is really moisturizing. There's more balm than beads. It feels like you're putting on Vaseline. BT looks like a lip balm in a tub, but it has many fine beads. Because of this, you do get a rougher scrub. BUUUT, the next day, my lips were so soft after using BT.  The results were more subtle with MB. 

With Mally Beauty, you can't see the beads. They're the same color as the balm, but it's very fine and scattered throughout. There were times when I felt as if I got more balm than beads and did not get a real good exfoliation.

With Beauty Treats, you can see the beads everywhere!

SCENT: Of course BT wins because it has flavors. MB smells like cocoa butter which is one of my least favorite scents.

Winner is.....BEAUTY TREATS! You really can't beat the price and the results. Mally Beauty is a "gentle" scrub, but still...If I'm paying $15 for that little tube, I want to see results! 

After a few uses of the Mally Beauty scrub, I told myself that I would just make my own! It's not worth the $15. I am glad I found something that is affordable, smells good and actually makes my lips really soft!

I am so happy I so happened to stumble across these products!!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I think I really want to try that Mally Beauty!

    xo, N

  2. Sounds amazing..definitely gonna try it out :)

  3. wow sounds great :) thanks for the review ! gotta try this ♥