Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nails of the Week: Valentine's Day and Nail Salon TRAUMA


This is a late post, but not too late. I'm still figuring out my personal life stuff which has definitely slowed my idea train and writing.  Thankfully, this post is coming only a few days late. Forgive me? :)

These are my nails for the week of Valentine's Day. I call it the "You Make My Heart Race" nails because it resembles the hospital heart monitor.

The picture on the right is my muse. I saw that photo on Pinterest in 2013 and I just had to mimic it for Valentine's Day! The picture on the top left is my recreation in 2013 and the bottom is from this past Valentine's Day. 

It's definitely improved from last year if I don't say so myself?

OH! And please excuse this year's grown out nails. I got my nails done the last Monday of January. My FIRST time getting my nails professionally done. I know, I know, late bloomer, but I absolutely LOVE doing my own nails because it's therapeutic, fun and if I ever get bored of the color or design, I can change it!  

I decided to get gel. I must admit I do love the sturdiness of the gel nail and the nonstop shine it gives. The color I chose was a deep gray with purple flecks that you can't see in the picture. Although I loved the result of the gel, I did get bored of it! The picture above is my third week of having gel nails.

OH OH! My first experience of getting my nails done? TRAUMATIZED! The woman cut my finger right above my cuticle on my left middle finger. I was so scurrrrred. I feared infection. I've heard stories!! Evermore reason for me to never get my nails done...but you know what? I am going to give the nail salons the benefit of the doubt. This definitely won't be a regular thing at all.  The next occasion for me to get my nails done is in April when I go to the Philippines. It gets SO hot that nail polish tends to melt. Hopefully the gel will be able to withstand the heat.

Alright, enough of the babbling.

I hope your Valentine's Day was special with or without a significant other

<3 <3 <3

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