Saturday, December 6, 2014

November Grateful Challenge Part 5

This is the final installment of my November Grateful Challenge. I'm a week behind with this but the end of November was crazy! There was Thanksgiving, Black Friday, pre-Black Friday, and post-Black Friday. It was just chaos!

1. Our First Thanksgiving. Ben and I celebrated our very first Thanksgiving together. We were both orphans. My parents were in the Philippines. He decided to not go to Vegas with my mom so that I would not be alone <3 We've always spent Thanksgiving apart until this year. It was special because it was our first. I wanted to have a mini celebration at home where we would make a little Thanksgiving feast, but Ben wanted to go out. We ended up going to Marie Calendar's where I had a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, string beans, and my favorites stuffing and candied yams! I am so sad I forgot to take a picture...but perhaps it was a good thing. I was living in the moment :)

2) Friends turned into Family. I have known Sophia and her family since I was 9. I've gotten to know not only her immediate family, but also her extended family and her in-laws-to-be. I have never really been so close to my own family, so it feels wonderful to be warmly welcomed and accepted by hers. I spent Thanksgiving morning and the Saturday after Thanksgiving with her family. As they say, family doesn't necessarily have to be blood. You can't control which family you're born into, but you can definitely choose the people you add to your family.

(Halloween era 2013)

3. I'm blessed. The biggest thing that I take from this Grateful Challenge is that I'm lucky for everything that I have. Being able to even post these blog entries shows what luxuries I have: a computer, internet, time to sit and type this up. I donated to my employer this past Tuesday for Giving Tuesday. An anonymous donor graciously offered to triple whatever amount donated. Donation allocations would go to haircuts for seniors, a holiday meal purchased, a gas card, books and toys for children, or movie tickets for teens. Simple pleasures that we find so accessible is a challenge for others to carry out. 

I am so lucky, so fortunate, and so blessed. 

Happy Holidays 


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