Monday, November 3, 2014

The November Grateful Challenge! Part 1

Living the hustle and bustle of life makes it easy to forget our many blessings. We get caught up in life and we do really forget to stop and smell the roses.

I've decided to take part in the November Grateful Challenge! The November Grateful Challenge (or 30 Day Grateful Challenge, whichever or whatever you want to call it) is about taking the time to recognize what you are grateful for each day in November.

I will do weekly compilations instead as they give me an opportunity to really reflect on the past week instead of rushing to post something daily. It's just easier for me. You may choose your own execution! :)

Let's begin! :)

1. Welcome to the world, Baby J. You came two weeks early!  I am so happy you're healthy and that you gave your mom (one of my closest friends from high school) an easy time with the delivery! :) You are immensely loved <3

2. I came across this photo last week on Pinterest. Just looking at this little guy makes me happy. I had dinner  and went shopping with Ben last night and I must say, this is how he makes me feel :) (*Cue the cheesy "awwww"s)

(Original picture source: unknown)

3. This Mickey/Minnie Mouse hooded sweatshirt from Uniqlo. It's just a sweater you may say, but there's so many things about it that make me feel so happy and blessed!
a) It was on sale from $29.90 to $19.90! 
b) Who doesn't love Mickey and Minnie?? 
c) I write a lot about my little nephew. He loves Mickey whom he calls "Baka" (I'm not sure how he got that! LOL). I knew that him seeing me in this sweater would make him oh so happy! A smile and sparkle in his eye are things that warm my heart immensely. 

(Here's a mini sneak peak of my hair chop! Read why I did it here)

What are you are grateful for this week?


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  1. Such a cute post :) the dogs so cute aswell!!