Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Mickey Mouse Carnival Birthday

On September 28, my nephew turned 2. *Cue tears. Where has the time gone?! Babies growing up...this has to be illegal. Why?! :(

Since there is nothing we can do to freeze time and keep babies as babies, the best we can do as they get older is to throw an amazing birthday party! Well, at least that's what happened for Baby O.

He's the first and only child of one of my best friends of 20 years. Baby O's biggest obsession at the moment is none other than...drum roll please...Mickey Mouse!

This birthday was quite the event and took about a year to plan. Yes, a year. Set up at the park started at 9 am and I did not get home until 9pm. It was quite the day!

There were different booths at set up at the park: photo booth with 36" balloon props, tattoo booth, can toss, sack racing, popcorn machine, Mickey bouncer, prize booth. It was such a shame that the weather was soooo hot during the day (after it had rained in the morning) that the booths did not have visitors for the majority of the party.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:

Before the guests arrived

Photo booth


Cake area

My little honey bunny can't get enough of "agua"!

His favorite part of his birthday party: the mini water park
This kid LOVES water. He spent a good chunk of his water swishing through this water park and through the drinks' water cooler. hehe. This guy <3

Minnie Mouse inspired nails

Minnie Mouse inspired outfit

And that was that. A year's worth of planning poured into one day of bliss. It was all to see that little boy smile.

He definitely had the time of his life. He has a lot of family and family friends that love him to the moon and back.

We love you, kid. You may just never know how loved and adored you are <3



  1. The nails are so cute. I love your outfit and the colors came out perfect!

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  2. OMG this is one of the cutest birthday setups I've ever seen!! I love the photobooth and your outfit! xx

    Thrive on Novelty