Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello Fall, Hello Pumpkin!

Fall technically started about two weeks ago, but in Los Angeles, summer is still lingering! Right when the weather was cooling down two weeks ago, Los Angeles was hit with a heatwave just last week. It's really dry, really hot and really gross. I'm over it!

However, the hot weather cannot stop the influx of pumpkins: pumpkin coffees, cheesecakes, cakes, bread, cookies, candles, everything!

And the hot weather definitely cannot stop the new annual tradition of going to the pumpkin patch with my most littlest main squeeze, my nephew. He turned two just two days after these photos were taken. My little man is growing up too fast :(

This blog post is more so for me. It's an inside look of my heart and what makes me happy. 

Apparently, watching Mickey Mouse was more entertaining than picture-taking with aunty

My most favorite picture of the night :)
His new thing is to be an airplane.
We have a similar picture like this from earlier this year. He was so tiny then.
Oh how time flies.

All pictures taken at the Halloween Harvest Festival at Pierce College. If you live in the LA area, you should totally check it out. Admission is free on weekdays ;)



  1. pupmkin picking is soooo much fun heheh :) cant wait to head down to NJ to pick some on my fave farm!:)

  2. I love pumpkin patch. That the only time I really feel like it is fall here is when I see them. This year I'm hoping to find a better location because I was so disappointed with last year selection.