Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Four Year Purple Anniversary

If you read my post on My Lupus Story, you will learn a big part of me: I have Lupus. As a refresher or for your knowledge, Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system is hyperactive. This means, my immune system is in overdrive. My immune system cannot distinguish between the bad cells and the good cells of the body. Instead of destroying the bad cells, my body destroys both the bad AND good cells.  Destroying good cells is not a good thing. It leads me to getting sick in all types and forms. Lupus can affect any organ of the body with the kidneys being the most common. Kidney problems is a major functioning organ of the body. When the kidneys don't work, your body has difficulty functioning...okay, my intended refresher lasted longer than I had hoped...but I hope you learned something :)

Every year in July, I celebrate what I call a "Purple Anniversary." Purple is one of the colors that represent Lupus (the other is orange). My Purple Anniversary is my celebration of life. It's my "F*ck You" to Lupus saying, I'm still here and I'm happy and healthy to the best that I can be. 

Every year, I try to do something in the outdoors. Lupus patients are sensitive to the sun rays. Too much sun exposure (and some are more sensitive than others) can lead to a Lupus episode, or flare. In the past, I've done bonfires at the beach in the late afternoon when the sun is down, afternoon beach trips, and dinners. I also make my guests wear purple :) I'll link all my relevant Lupus stories below if you're interested in seeing my Lupus journey.

This year, I didn't have my typical Lupus celebration. I felt that I had a lot of triumphs and celebrations this year, that those successes in themselves were a big "boo yeah" to Lupus. This year, I've paid off both my undergraduate and graduate school loans, I found out I was able to keep my $18,500 scholarship (long story), I was stepping up at work as a leader, I had many amazing birthday celebrations, I went to the Philippines. To be honest, by the time July hit, I was celebrated-out!

So this year, I didn't quite have the typical July celebration but I do feel I had a lot to celebrate. My triumphs and my feats are enough "F*ck Yous" to Lupus. 

I have a lot to be thankful for. Lupus still has time to progress and takes it course, but for the time being, I am as healthy as I can be. And I hope and I pray that I can continue to be. 

So here's to celebrating another year of life, health and happiness. I don't necessarily need a certain month to kick Lupus in the arse ;)

Beach Bonfire

Wine and cheese party

Afternoon beach date

Dinner, beach and gelato

Dinner party with purple flowers

Philippines Trip
Leading a pilot program at a major Los Angeles hospital
Freedom Party: CSUN Edition

Freedom Party: UCLA Edition

And the celebration continues...



  1. Yay!!!! I'm looking forward to sharing more celebration with you and thanks for the quick summary about the condition. Didn't know about Lupus until I read your story. Going to read more about it when I can. Sending blessing your way :)

    1. thank you for the support and the blessings :) very kind of you! :)

  2. Very inspiring to see that you are so happy with life! Congrats on another year and many more to come :)

    New post is up :)

  3. Amen your strength is truly amazing! God is by your side so you can be a light to some one else going thru the same thing or who just feel low. You are an inspiration and I'm so blessed to stumble on to your page!


  4. Hi, wow you are strong. I love the post. Great pictures too. My mom's friend has Lupus too. Many more happy years to come for you!

    1. thank you so much! wishing your mom's friend strength and good health always :)

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