Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No H8 Wednesday

Just a selfie stamped with "Love" across my mouth. Inspired edit came after reading some homophobic and ignorant (or are they one and the same?) comments on social media. Some of these comments are just nasty! I bet most of them mamas and/or papas didn't raise them like that! [Note "most" as there are still parents who teach this ig'nant beliefs to their children]
It's 2013. I still can't believe that there is still much hate amongst us. Though could it be naive of me to think that everyone in this world can love each other? Maybe that's just it. Maybe that's just too much. Possibly the more reasonable mindset is to think that everyone in this world can ACCEPT each other? And yet, even saying that aloud makes me feel a bit cynical. 


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