Sunday, June 21, 2015

Food Adventures: MUST TRY!! Po'boys, kimchi pasta and pie!


I was originally going to write about a few eateries where the food was beyond good. But as I started writing, there were only two that really stuck out as must-try's with one honorable mention.

I hope you just ate because if you didn't, you will be hungry!

1. Orleans and York Deli
Shrimp and oyster po'boy

Three words: OH MY GOSH. I do not know what I did to deserve such heavenly delightfulness, but I am very thankful I found this spot!! This is only half the sandwich as one whole was way too much. The oysters and shrimp were so plump. PLUMP. No skimping on the size or quality. 
As I was looking up po'boys in the Los Angeles area, restaurants described their po'boys as "a new twist on the po'boy" or "LA version" or blah blah blah...I wanted something close to the real thing. This sounds dramatic, but I think about this po'boy AT LEAST 1x/week. I am in love. Don't judge >_<

Kimchi pasta

Pasta is not one of my go-to/favorite foods. And I can barely stand kimchi (overeating it in elementary and high school has turned me away). So why in the world did I order this dish? Because it was spicy! LOL. I can't resist my spicy food.
I was very surprised and impressed with this dish. I never would have imagined that the dish tasted the way it did. Surprisingly, it did not taste like kimchi. It was creamy goodness with a kick of heat.

The Honorable Mention: Pie Hole
Earl grey pie
The earl grey pie is one of the most popular items on the menu. It definitely lives up to the hype! The slice is creamy, fluffy, and airy with the perfect amount of sweetness. Delicious. 

If you're ever in the LA area, you must give these places a try! You won't regret it! :)

Now off to the next adventure!


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